Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carys' First Birthday Party

Caedmon actually had an interest by his first birthday, therefore, the dog theme.
But Carys had no interests that I had noticed
so we found a cute tablecloth and based our theme on it.

Her mouth is stuffed with something from supper.
She did manage to swallow it before she dug into her cake.

Waiting for her to figure out she needs to get rid of one thing in order to consume the other!:)
We don't usually let her have a pacifier throughout the day, but she was not a happy camper with all those strange people in her house...

The cake is gone and the pacifier is back in place!

Caedmon trying out cake for his first the difference between the two. Everyone commented on how Carys made quick, messless work of her cake...Caedmon was another story. 'Course, she had the advantage of having had cake for the first time a couple days before.

The one person she allowed to hold her.
Matt is a friend in our small group.

Presents were a little overwhelming.

Laying herself down and trying to cover up with her new blanket.

She's playing peek-a-boo with her blanket.
And this is the happiest she's been since the beginning of the party...
most everyone went outside.:)


The kids hanging out together

The boys

I think fun was had by all...mostly...
that's questionable where the birthday girl is concerned.
Oh well.
The party is really just an excuse for us parents to get together, right?!:)

One Year Old!

I was going to wait till her birthday party to give her cake for the first time, but we ended up at Moka and well....:)

What a face!:)

She has 8 teeth now. She walks like a pro. Not much new to tell.

We love you Carys!! Happy Birthday!