Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kids and the Dog

Just Plain Cute

Feeding His Sister

He didn't end up eating a whole lot of his applesauce.
He's so sweet when he wants to share!:)

One In, One Out

Hanging Out in TC with Friends

Friends from Corey's hometown came over to TC to get some R&R and called us up to come hang out. It was good to see them and the kids had fun together. I'm always thankful when Caedmon has a chance to be around children his age and he actually interacts!:)

Trying to get the girls in a photo together

Carys was born 2 1/2 weeks before Sophia

Madeline and Caedmon enjoying the hotel pool

She did not enjoy this so much until
mommy went and got her bathing suit on -
then she loved it!

Caedmon sporting his speedo.:)
He didn't like his swim trunks
and would have taken the swim diaper off if I'd let him.
He didn't like the pool either till mommy got in
(can't a mom get a break?! (: ).


We started out with just the dads in their swimwear
and only one kid in the pool;
when the moms got in, all the kids came as well!:)

We also headed over to the mall for lunch, a carousel ride and the play area.
The kids stepped into the picture booth and had some fun!
Caedmon was obsessed with this strip of pictures for a couple days.
It'll be fun for them to look back when they're teenagers!:)

Thanks for a good time Crulls!

One Up, One Down

This gate is across the doorway going down to our basement. Caedmon likes to be down there and I like to be able to listen for him, but Carys goes right for those stairs at break neck speed, so the gate is the solution. I thought this was cute.:)

Feeding Herself

Their First Basketball Game

A few weeks back, I went to a high school basketball game to support a friend in the cheerleading squad and had a blast! Boy did I ever feel old; the high schoolers looked like kids out there, which is what they are of course, but back when I was a peer, they seemed so old looking!:)

We decided to attempt the whole family going. The kids did really well and Corey and I enjoyed a nail biter of a game! I love high school basketball!

Trying to keep them occupied - it was past bedtime.

Already a Casanova - the girls kept him busy with popcorn.:)

Every time I'm in that high school, I start thinking about my kids walking the halls one day...agghh! Glad I have awhile, although I know how time flies!

Brother and Sister

I was taking pictures of Carys at 8 months
and Caedmon had to get in on the fun.
She wasn't exactly okay with this to begin with but got over it.:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Months

Carys turned 8 months on February 3rd. Corey said today that 'she's the fastest army crawler in the state.' :) She's hilarious to watch. She uses anything and everything to pull herself up. She climbs up onto the dishwasher door when I'm loading or emptying it. She climbs under the chairs and over the bars at the bottom of the chairs. She's got so much energy!

Although she's taken a few "steps" on her hands and knees, she still crawls on her belly. And when she's standing, she doesn't move her legs too much, so I don't see walking in the very near future.

She's eating solids very well and doesn't seem to dislike anything as of yet.

She has three teeth - two on bottom and one on top.

She loves to insert her opinion often. :) She has lots to say! She says "ma ma" and I think she even knows it's me since she usually says it when she's crawling after me.:) Corey has tried to get her to say "dada" to no avail. We have her on video saying "la la" instead. :)

She's already asserting herself as a leader. :) Her BIG brother follows her everywhere and mimics everything she does. It's quite funny.

She still gets up between 3am and 5am to eat. :/ And although she goes back to sleep, she's starting to get up earlier - this morning it was 6:45am, which I guess isn't all that early, but I'd gotten used to sleeping past 7am.:)

She's been so much fun lately. Her temperament has been better the last week or so. And I've decided she has my smile - she squints her eyes and she smiles as big as possible. :)

Carys at 8 months

Caedmon at 8 months

Our Basement

When Heather and Ben came a few weeks back, Heather gave me an ultimatum; they would get a hotel or stay in our basement, so as not to move my children from their rooms. This was the motivation I needed to clean my basement! And now Caedmon can play down there and he loves it!
The bedroom area we put together
(got a carpet remnant for a great deal)

Caedmon and his horse:)

play area

fun on the slide

I've even gotten my rollerblades out and had some fun myself. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rare Sight

My poor little girl was sick a few weeks back. She ran a high fever for about two and a half days. I called a nurse and she thought it might be a GI infection, which my nurse friend visiting at the time had thought as well. The evening after I called the nurse, I also discovered a tooth coming in. Anyway, she was so sedate and not like my daughter at all! I would never wish her to be sick, but the calm was kind of nice. And the cuddling!:)

A Visit with Friends

He gets LOTS of reading in when Ben and Heather show up!:)
(And mommy gets a break!:))

Fun times had by all...
although I'm sure they were ready
to get home to their quiet apartments!:)

Big Cheese:)

At the time of this picture, again about a week before she turned 8 months, she was pulling herself up on anything she could get a good grip on.

I love her face here! She always looks so pleased and proud of herself when she's standing!:)

A First!

This was taken January 25th, so she's a little more than a week away from turning 8 months.