Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Little One On the Way

We had our ultrasound last Friday. I love seeing baby inside! Caedmon wasn't too impressed and Corey ended up leaving the room early. Things look good! I am 21 1/2 weeks along now. I'm finally posting a belly pic as well.

This is the first picture the technician took - ironically, it's almost identical to the first pic taken of Caedmon at five months. They both look like they're signing "dad."

(Caedmon's Ultrasound at 5 months)

Curious...and Into Everything!

Yes, that would be our refrigerator, which I guess was left open too long (by my husband of course!:)) because I turn around and find this!:)

Fun with Dada

I love it when I'm in the kitchen either making supper or cleaning it up and I hear giggling coming from the other room! They have so much fun together!:)

Mr. Preppy

This cracked me up! He's been putting things around his neck lately, and when I hadn't finished getting him dressed yet, this is what he decided to do with his fleece. You know the preppy kind that wear their sweaters around their neck? Never sure what purpose that served! Perhaps I'm too practical!:)

Alternative Toy Uses:)

Well, not exactly what it was meant for...I guess we're creative...or something!:)

Boxes are the Best!

We finally purchased a new dishwasher with a gift certificate we received for Christmas and Corey thought our little house needed the huge box inside! But Caedmon has enjoyed playing inside the box, so for now, I guess I can put up with the enormous box in the corner of the living room.:)

I think dada is enjoying it as well!:)

Enjoying Some Chocolate

I made chocolate chip muffins one night 'cause they sounded good and they were fairly healthy (whole wheat flour, applesauce...). They were pretty good, but I think I needed something a little less healthy. They had to suffice though. But Caedmon sure enjoyed them!:)

And Baby's Not Even Here Yet...

There are a few of these in Caedmon's toy box and he's been enjoying them recently. He only ever used a pacifier for the first few months of his life.
He also cleans out one of my cupboards to find the bottles and their nipples in a ziploc bag, which he proceeds to open and walk around with the bottle nipples in his mouth.
Hmmm... wonder what that's all about!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Ride in a Saddle...

...on a real horse!!! Well, technically, a pony. A man in our church owns a horse ranch and we decided to get Caedmon out of the house and do something fun. We weren't sure what he'd do when placed on the horse, but he never cried. I couldn't quite tell if he wanted to as the horse walked across the barn and Caedmon was jostled back and forth, but he was a trooper. He loves animals! He knows tons of animal signs, but horse is difficult and he hasn't quite pulled that one off yet. We're still trying!

Me trying to teach him the sign for "horse."

The ranch is called "Coyote Bill's" and

Bill thought we needed a picture with a real, dead coyote.:)


Oh my goodness...I can't keep anything out of his reach anymore! As if he isn't tall enough - the other day, I was in the middle of making a salad and walked away for a little bit; next thing I know I'm turning around to find my son with my cutting board AND knife, poking the knife tip into the cutting board! YIKES!!! I can't leave anything near the edge of the counters now! So yeah, on top of being tall, now he's climbing things and has even more access!

A Good Start to the New Year :)

Who wouldn't want to start the new year squeaky clean?!:)