Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making Friends and Getting Out!

Caedmon and I went to an apple orchard this week with some friends! Yes, we already have friends here; isn't that wonderful! One of the other pastors in town is our age, married and has two kids! We've really hit it off great! I'm on a bowling league with them as well...that's another story! (Not a very good bowler...they may wish they'd found someone else!)
Anyway, my friend invited me to got with a group of moms and kids to an apple orchard and I jumped at the chance! I've always said I couldn't wait to have kids so I could do these fun things!:)

Caedmon had lots of firsts that day! I gave him an apple spear hoping he'd just eat the pulp, but he ate the whole thing skin and all and didn't even choke! Yes, I know, first time mom, overly worried... Now I know that he's probably fine with lots of foods!
He also got to try cherry juice - my first sip and I cringed at the tartness! He loved it and didn't want to stop drinking! He also got it on his clothes as well as mine...those should be fun stains to get out!:(

And he got to be around other kids! We need to work on some of his social kids - attempting to pull girls' hair and pulling their shirts are not very good manners! But for the most part, he did great! And we had a blast!

Notice the cherry juice on the mouth corners and sweatshirt!

Glad to finally be out of the sling!

Enjoying friends and apples!:)

He didn't actually get a bite out of it.

Enjoying a picnic lunch!

Watching the Big Truck

We had to have our shingles replaced as soon as we moved in. When the big truck arrived to deliver the shingles, Caedmon was fascinated with it and stood at the door watching. It was so cute!

Guess the glass became more interesting...
wonder how it tasted!

Family Visits

Our first weekend in our new home, Corey's parents came down and over to see us (well, to see Caedmon anyway:)) and the new house. Corey's step-brother lives in town, so when the parents drove into town, they picked up more family and came on over. It was fun to be able to show off our new place.

They stayed overnight at his step-brother's house, came to church in the morning, took us to lunch, and then Sarah (Corey's step-mom) went shopping and came back with presents galore!
It was nice to have family stop in and we look forward to seeing more of Grandma and Grandpa now that we live closer!

The cousins entertaining Caedmon...
or maybe he was entertaining them!:)

Dinner after church - our sister-in-law actually works here
and got to wait on her own family!
We kept her busy!
Especially when she whisked my crying son
away on her hip while she continued to work!:)

Wildlife In Our Own Yard!

This is what we've been enjoying! Corey calls our yard the petting zoo, except we haven't tried petting anything! :)

The One Safe Place...

There weren't too many child-friendly places for Caedmon to play when we first moved in! We were attempting to set up his crib for the second time and so stuck him in his pack 'n play. He didn't mind at all as he would squat down and pop back up playing peek a boo with us. And this was just silliness! He's a ham!:)

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Move - Bellaire

Here are pics from the Bellaire end of the move.

Caedmon eating breakfast in our hotel room.
We had to have the truck back by 5p.m. and Corey had another game at 5p.m., so it was a mad dash to unload and it mostly just ended up in the garage at first.

Thanks to a couple friends, the truck was emptied in record time -

at least much faster than it took to load the thing!

Now he's got it right!!!:)

I HATE moving!! I hope not to repeat the experience for a long time! Corey says the next time we have to move, we're getting rid of half of our stuff - I say just get rid of his books and we'll be doing good!:)

The Move - Fruitport and the Drive Up

So, I've been packing for months now. When we put our house up for sale, we had to "declutter" the house. It helped me get started on the process of packing! But there's only so much you can do ahead of time when you're still living in a house! So the last few days were crazy! And the day of the move, you think the boxes are never going to end! You wouldn't believe how many boxes I filled up! Well, some of you helped get them for me and some of you loaded the truck, so I guess you CAN believe it!:)

We FINALLY closed on the house up north last week Tuesday. That in and of itself was another mess, but I didn't expect anything less! It was par for the course!

We drove up as a family Monday 'cause Corey had a soccer game to ref. We stayed in a hotel that night, closed Tuesday, drove back down state, loaded up the truck Wednesday, drove back up north, stayed in a hotel that night, unloaded the truck Thursday morning and drove the truck 45 min. away to return it. WHEW!!! And we've been unpacking ever since!

Here are some pictures to highlight the whole event!:)


Caedmon liked to be in the middle of it all!

Oops - we're supposed to be packing, not UNpacking!

There they go - the dog and Corey that is.

My car was packed full as well!

The dog's ride. As big as that mutt is,

Corey actually had to lift him into the truck!

Aww, look at the sad face. He did really well with all of the driving!

Thank you sooo very much to all of you who offered a helping hand!!! We greatly appreciate it! Love you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Up North and Online

It's been about a week since I've been on a computer and I figured, before anyone got too worried, I'd better let you know that I'm still alive and kicking!:)

My residence is now, finally, up north Michigan! We have moved and we are getting settled; emphasis on the GETTING! I wish I could get things done quicker since my son is constantly on the go and into everything, as well as cleaning my dirty floors with his clothing since he's still too lazy to get up on all fours!

This is just a quick update since I really need to go to bed - Caedmon's been up at 2:30 and 3:30am the last two nights and I'm expecting the same tonight.:( Don't know if it's the teeth, the new house or both. Or perhaps he's just smart enough to know that mommy is thinking it's these reasons when it's neither and therefore, he can get away with the middle of the night wakings and feedings! Yes, I confess - I've nursed him twice now before morning 'cause it was the only thing that stopped the tears and put him back to sleep! Tonight though....I may have to be stubborn...more stubborn than he anyway - which could mean listening to him scream and cry for 2 hours! O.k. Having said that, I REALLY need to go to bed!

Hopefully I'll find some time and energy here soon to give a real update with pictures included!

Hello to all my friends and family - sorry that I've lost touch for a few days here. We'll catch up soon! Love ya!

P.S. I'm online in my home! Yes, for all of you who have been wondering, we actually DO get internet way up here!:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

We drove up early Sunday morning for church and then went from church to Corey's family's. We spent Sunday afternoon at a family reunion. Monday, Corey went out and "jumped" for his dad - I think this means he threw the garbage into the back of the truck while his dad did the driving. When they got back, we went out on the boat - good times! This was a first for Caedmon - I'm not sure he even realized he was on a boat. When we docked again, Caedmon got a chance to actually get in the water and loved it! It was a great weekend hanging out with family!

Cousin Maria reading to Caedmon - too cute!:)

It didn't take long for Corey to take the driver's seat, pulling his brother on the tube.

The Gang!

Woohoo, you go babe!:)

Go Dad! (I think he enjoyed himself!:))

Trying watermelon for the first time

Having a good time!

Well...guess that was short-lived!:) It's nearing bed time!

Look at me...I'm floating!:)

Thanks for a fun weekend!