Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cutie Patootie!:)

Playing with Dada's hat.
Goooo Tigers!:)

My Little Climber

It's amazing to me the difference between my two children!
Here she is barely one and already climbing and practically running!
She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!

Choo Choo

All aboard!


She went through a short phase of cuddling with her stuffed animals.

Fun at the Grocery Store

Big Boy Carseat!

We finally made the transition!
He loves it and so do we!
The lack of a five-point harness is freeing!:)

Proper Etiquette Out the Window

Thought I'd try a bowl...
guess it was easier to put it to her mouth
than grab the food out of it!:/


11 Months!

Yes, she's one tomorrow, so this is a bit late, but I'll do it anyway. And try to remember the facts accurately.

She had 7 teeth by 11 months.

She's walking!! I have a video of her walking on May 3rd. But she was just starting; although she could walk, it wasn't her main form of transportation.

As you can see by the pictures, she's everywhere, into everything!

Helping Daddy in the Garden

We couldn't keep her out!


By the way, we learned our lesson with planing a garden so early...we got snow in May and just about everything died.:/ Guess that's why most people wait till Memorial Day to plant!

Introducing His Sister to the Woods

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking Turns

I thought this pic was sweet

Not sure who's doing the work here!:)

Get Off the Road!!!:)


My Little Dog and Butterfly

New towels from Grandma


Fun in the Flinstone Car

Caedmon in the driver's seat;
Carys along for the ride.

Enjoying the ride!

Change in drivers

Sharing control.:)


Fun in the Bathroom :/

Such fascinating "toys!"
Thanks guys.

Good Times!

Get off the road; here they come!

Enjoying Bathtime Together

I decided Carys was ready for the big tub. It's so nice that she and Caedmon can take baths together! They have a lot of fun together! She's wild and crazy, standing up, falling down, going under the water at times, but rarely complaining. She's more of a fish than Caedmon!

Washing her brother...or something like that.:)

Here mom, want my washcloth?!
Sorry Caedmon...I just realized that's you in the background. Oops.:)


New Sweaters

Sporting their new sweaters from Grandma

Grandma wasn't very happy that Carys was wearing Caedmon's coats (hey, whatever works, right? :) ), so she spent the couple days we were there looking for something girly and finally bought this sweater. She wasn't very happy with the colors, but a lady in town makes them and didn't have anything more girly at the time. Caedmon ended up with one as well and loved it!

Fun times with Grandparents and Cousins

These carts are such a pain to maneuver,
but the kids love 'em!

Carys with Grandma...and not crying!

Caedmon and Maria eating breakfast.

A bath was only necessary for Maria, but Caedmon had to join the fun!

(4/15/10 - 4/16/10)

Start 'em Young

Only time will tell whether he has any athletic ability or not.
I'm not too concerned!
But he seems to love balls!


Boys and Puddles

My Little Dare Devil

We really have to watch her!