Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Another cold Halloween! I love that you can find full body, fleece costumes in northern Michigan!:)

We went trick or treating downtown again this year. It was a lot tougher this year with two. I had two last year, but Carys was in the sling. She wasn't too thrilled about the trick or treating part; she wanted to do the eating part!

This pic cracks me up -
it sums up my daughter's mood.
(she's flapping her hands in a tantrum)

I put her down to let her walk by herself,
but we didn't get anywhere.

Caedmon could have stayed at the fire truck all night!

Some of the friends we hung out with...

and more friends:)

Fun was had by all!
Well, mama had fun when she got to dig into the candy later!:)

Helping His Sister

I love to see Caedmon taking care of his sister! I told them they had to finish the food on their plate if they wanted a treat, but Carys didn't want anything to do with those veggies, so Caedmon decided to help her out. And sure enough, she ate them all with his help!

It always does my heart good to see Caedmon emulating the good things I do. Too often I see myself in his negative behavior. I don't want to be a parent that needs to say "do as I say and not as I do." And when I hear Caedmon raise his voice and I ask him to use a gentle voice, I realize that he's only copying what he hears.:/

So when he decided to help his sister get a treat by feeding her, first of all, it warmed my heart to see him loving his sister in this way and secondly, he was doing what he'd seen me do for him. It was encouraging for me to realize that along with some of the negative things I do, there are positive as well. Parenting is tough!


They have so much fun emptying out my bench of winter things,
especially when I've just organized it!
But they're awful cute!:)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Time 3

We went up to Friske's Orchards to enjoy the animals, playground, hot apple cider and fresh donuts!

Feeding the goat

and the sheep

He loves tractors!

swinging with Mama

That pose is all him!:)

Ride that bull!

Climbing the ramp up to Noah's Ark:)
Up the ramp and down the slide;
she did this over and over again.

Family Adventure 2

We decided to brave a three mile hike! The kids did well, the fresh air was lovely and the woods were beautiful despite the leaves having fallen already.

Caedmon walked most of the way by himself!


I carried Carys in the backpack about half the hike and finally couldn't go on.
Caedmon and I found walking sticks.

Yes, Carys worked so hard she just couldn't stay awake any longer!:)

At the end of our journey, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Jordan Valley.

It was a lovely family adventure!

October 18th, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Day 1

Corey takes Mondays off and we try to come up with something fun to do as a family. This particular Monday we headed out on a color tour to East Jordan.

Caedmon was very excited to discover that East Jordan has a train!

And on the way back we stopped at a scenic overlook.
The scenic overlook part was pretty overgrown with trees,
but we enjoyed the walk anyway.

Potty Training!

Shortly after Caedmon turned 3, we decided it was time to try potty training. Not a very fun process, but Caedmon is doing very well and we're finally saving money on diapers!

Sweet Kisses


The Reception

Corey's cousin had a HUGE reception a couple days after the wedding.

We met Tyrone, Shannon and Maria
at Steven's (another cousin) restaurant before the reception.

Carys going to town on the salsa.:)

Tyrone and Corey

The kids at some point really got into the dancing

Well, Maria smiled nicely!:)

Selena with Carys

Caedmon and Selena

Aunt Martha and Tyrone

Daddy and his princess

Tio Sel and Tia Lydia

Steven and Corey

Fun times had by all!!:)

October 2nd, 2010

Birthday Package

Auntie Keesha sent a birthday gift via UPS, so there was definite excitement when the big truck pulled in! First there was the truck, then Caedmon got to give Neo treats from the UPS driver, THEN he got to open his package! What an exciting day in the life of a three year old! Oh, and of course he loved his gift....THOMAS!!!:)

Thanks Auntie Keesha!!!:)

Wedding at the Park

Corey's cousin got married at the state park in Manistee and Corey officiated the wedding. It was a little chilly but a beautiful day and temps could have been worse for the last day in September.:)Checkin' out the view

Attempting a cute pic, but Carys wouldn't cooperate.:/

Corey surrounded by his aunts.

Family a bad spot.

My kids during the wedding...they were mostly quiet.

September 30th, 2010