Monday, September 27, 2010

Caedmon's 3rd Birthday Party

While constructing this cake,
I kept muttering under my breath that I'll never do this again!
But Caedmon made it all worth it!
He ran around the house throughout the evening chanting,
"train cake! train cake!":)

It cracks me up when kids start "over" smiling for the camera.
He was pretty geeked about his birthday party.
It was so much fun this year with him understanding what it was all about.

Blowing out the candle.
When the first two attempts didn't work,
daddy helped out.

Enjoying cake

Time for presents!

Carys getting in on the action.

Caedmon knew he was getting Thomas the Train for his birthday
and after he'd with all of the gifts his friends had brought him for a little while,
he informed me he wanted to play with Percy and the coaches.:)

I had so much fun watching Caedmon enjoy his party this year. After all his friends' birthday parties this summer, he was ready for his turn and knew what to expect!

I can't believe he'll be 3 tomorrow! Where does the time go?! My baby has grown up! Even the way he speaks; his word choices and complete sentences amaze me!

Caedmon, you are a joy to us! We thank God for placing you in our lives! We love you so very very much!

Apple Picking

We went apple picking twice this year. We picked two (plus) bushels and canned 19 quarts of applesauce.

Watch Out!

Crazy drivers on the loose!

My Little Church Musicians

My Little Princess:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Visiting the Grandparents

The kids and I headed north to hang out with the grandparents for a couple days. So thankful we live fairly close. So grateful for their love and care for us!

They found the old wagon!
Yes, mama had to take them for a ride. :)

Hanging out at Great Grandma Sabel's

Nice hat girlie!
(Checkin' Grandma out...jury's still out)

Once again, enjoying a lovely morning and breakfast on the deck!

Always a highlight!

Grandpa found some new toys...

Serenading Grandma

Whew! It was a tiring couple days!:)

8/28 - 8/29/10

Picking Peaches

This was our second year picking peaches. This year I learned how to pick them correctly. Peaches are very persnickety. Last year, I picked them before they were ripe enough and they stayed sour. I think we picked them correctly this year. We froze some, made jam with some and canned some!


Joey, Jamie and the Twins

Dinner at our favorite brewery!:)

Caedmon playing with Kiera

Caedmon and Carys loved the twins!
It was fun to watch them interact with babies!

Caedmon took a turn with each one,
and can still tell them apart!

Carson loved the grass!:)
(he's missing in this pic)

Jamie was awesome with Carys!
Carys has not been my friendly, people person,
although she's getting better and
will probably become my little social butterfly before too long.

Corey helping out with the little ones!:)

We had such a good time!
Thanks so much for driving the extra (many extra) miles to come visit us!!

8/5 - 8/7/10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Outside

It warms my heart to see them playing well together, making each other laugh!


Picking Raspberries


Lovin' the Cherries!

Helping Mama


A Trip Up North

We made a last minute trip to Corey's parents for his grandmother's funeral. The kids enjoyed the time with Papa and Grandma!

They love the bunny...and the cage!:)

Waiting for the boat to come pick us up

Caedmon's feelings about the boat show on his face here.
He asked to get out of the boat the entire time we were in it!:/
He REALLY did not appreciate when mama got on the tube!

Carys keeping Grandma company

Trying to stay warm

Blueberry picking with the cousins

Breakfast on the deck with Uncle Anthony - what a treat!

7/11 - 7/12/10