Sunday, December 30, 2007


It wasn't that long ago when I looked forward to time at home, alone, with nothing going on! It's a rare occasion when you're in the ministry! There's always something going one, either at church or in your home!

But things are different now. Corey and I are both unemployed, and this means day after day of just being in this stinkin' house!:/ It's nice having time together as a family, and we're not even on each other's nerves, but I need a change of scenery and I could use some time with friends!

We have no plans for New Year's Eve, but if we don't do something, I just might have to commit myself!


Friday, Ottawa Area ISD called me and asked if I would still be interested in the job! I interviewed for an interpreting/parapro job right before Thanksgiving, and they got back to me letting me know they'd filled the position full time. So, I've continued to job hunt within school systems. I interviewed in Muskegon for a classroom assistant one-on-one position and didn't get that either. But, the full time person didn't work out for Ottawa, so they're offering me part time and I'll be job sharing with another person! I'm sooo excited! 1) it's in my field, 2) the pay is good, 3) it'll get me out of the house a little, 4) we'll finally have some income we can count on!
The job is working with special needs adults, 18 - 26, working in the community and teaching life skills. I'm really excited!
I'm sure, at some point it'll hit me that I have to leave Caedmon and go back into the work force - I really have enjoyed being at home with him full time! But, my unemployment runs out in February, and Corey hasn't found anything yet, though I've never known a better job hunter!
I start some time after the first of the year - don't know the exact date yet; and I don't know what my schedule will be. I pretty much just said "YES!" and forgot to ask questions.:) Human resources is supposed to get back to me.
God never makes a whole lot of sense right away. I'm not sure why he couldn't have given me the job back when I interviewed for it - it wasn't supposed to start till the first of the year anyway. I suppose he's teaching me patience and trust - wonder if I've learned the lesson...?
In the end, I got exactly what I had hoped for (other than just not working at all) - I had three months at home with Mr. Caedmon. And it's been a wonderful three months! And like Corey said, now when I'm done working for the day, my time with Caedmon will be even more precious!

Let It Snow...

I absolutely LOVE the snow! A couple days ago, it was coming down in big, beautiful flakes, and I just couldn't resist going outside and taking Caedmon with me! He wasn't quite as thrilled as I was - it was kind of cold on the face. I can't wait till he's old enough to go outside and play in it! I need an excuse to play in it myself!:)

Getting smothered by mom...a regular occurrence!:)


The weekend before Christmas,
we went up to Corey's parents' house to celebrate.

As, you can see, Caedmon is really into this Christmas thing.:)
Slept right through all the opening of gifts!

He finally did wake up to enjoy his new toys!

Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Lindemulders,
Corey's aunt and uncle and cousins.
We had a wonderful time - ate delicious food,
enjoyed lively conversation
(provided by the guys - Corey and his cousin's husband got into some interesting debates!:)),
and played Catch Phrase.

Aunt Lois and Caedmon

Sarah, Julianna(Janna), and Caedmon

Christmas Day, we drove down to Niles and spent the day with the Colbys,
some very dear friends of ours. Once again, had a wonderful time!

Caedmon is a hit wherever he goes!:)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Grasping Hands

It's so much fun to watch his hands start to hold on to things!
I finally bought him a soft rattle the other day,
but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of holding on to that.
His dog, on the other hand, is squishier and easier to hold on to.

Daddy's Idea of Fun

Corey was attempting to wake him up,
but Caedmon only wakes up when HE'S ready!:)

He's Gonna Be A Reader!

How very interesting!

Mama's friend and my Auntie Heather,
reading with me at Barnes & Noble.

Yeah, Mama bought a new book last night!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Night Out :)

The Golden Compass

This past Tuesday night, Corey's class was canceled due to weather. On his way home, he informed me he would be babysitting that night. I asked "who?" I was slow on the uptake...Caedmon of course. He told me I needed to get out of the house and I would be going to a movie with some friends - he'd set it all up already.:) I argued for a little while that I was just fine, I do get out of the house, blah, blah, blah. But I guess the point was to get out on my own. So I finally gave in. I even dressed up a little for the occasion - jeans and a "sexy" shirt (for those of you who know me, this doesn't mean much).

Anyway, I didn't realize how much fun I would have being single for a night. I even enjoyed the movie, which I hadn't known a whole lot about.

Needless to say, I couldn't forget for too long that I am still a wife and especially a mother. As soon as the movie was over, I booked it out of there, hoping Corey was fairing o.k. with Caedmon. Caedmon was definitely ready to eat when I got home! (No, we didn't starve him - Corey fed him once while I was gone.)

I'm thankful for my husband who realizes my life centers around my house and my baby and once in awhile I need to break out!:) Thanks Babe!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Caedmon had his first experience with reading a book yesterday (on his own). We went to church to do the bulletin and Aunt Lori set him up with a book and rattle. I'm such a new mother - I learn so much from watching Aunt Lori with him.
I couldn't believe his attention span! He sat there talking to that book and laughing at it for 20 minutes! It was sooo cute to watch. I'm so enjoying watching him grow and learn new things. He's recently figured out that his fist tastes really good! He went from swinging his arms with no control, to bringing his fist to his mouth time and again!

He's so much fun!:)

Lady's Man

Took my three girls from youth group out to Barnes & Noble a week ago. We had a grand time sipping on Frappicinos/hot chocolate and reading out of a "Would You Rather" book.

Caedmon, of course, has captured their hearts!:)

Love you girls!:)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I struggled with what to do today. Do I go to church and cross paths with people who believe my husband is a heretic? At the same time, there are so many deep relationships I have there and I can't just never see them again.

I ended up going, took Caedmon with me and left Corey at home, for understandable reasons. I felt disloyal to him, going back to the place that has ultimately rejected him, mingling with people that believe slanderous things about him. And I hurt for him! I wish I could take the pain away! I'm mad! I wish I could make people see the person I know and love for what he really is!

I sat with a dear friend and balled through communion and the last songs. I cried for Corey. I cried for the loss of my family there. I cried over the history and memories made in that church.

Services ended and I continued to cry as different people came up and hugged me. It was good to let the tears flow and let people love me!

We had a potluck after services and it was good to sit with my friends, my family and just converse and laugh about nothing in general.

It may be my last Sunday there. I'm not sure I have the energy to go through another Sunday like today.

As I sat in the meeting this afternoon in which Pastor informed the people of Corey's resignation, it just felt like rejection. He cried and I know he loves us, but asking for a resignation because of a "gut feeling" just feels yucky. I wish reasons given were not so vague. But I guess I can't change it.

I didn't say good-bye - I could not have. But I was embraced by many dear friends and I hope the healing process can begin.