Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let It Snow...

I absolutely LOVE the snow! A couple days ago, it was coming down in big, beautiful flakes, and I just couldn't resist going outside and taking Caedmon with me! He wasn't quite as thrilled as I was - it was kind of cold on the face. I can't wait till he's old enough to go outside and play in it! I need an excuse to play in it myself!:)

Getting smothered by mom...a regular occurrence!:)

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kathy said...

This picture is priceless. I have a frame (you may have seen it ) "live well, love much, laugh often" -- your pic. reminds me of my pic.--my son is a little older but this expression is the same, they both are saying"HELP!!! TO MUCH LOVE" It just makes me smile:) Luv you guys