Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Music

I love how he brought his stool over to the couch so he had a platform on which to entertain his sister and dad. Carys loved it!

It's True...

So I've been telling you about her temper and crankiness, but I only show pictures of her smiling and looking like an angel...well, here's some of what I'm talking about.

getting frustrated...

NOT a happy camper

Helping and Watching

Caedmon helped daddy make smoothies while Carys watched; wishing, I'm sure, that she could get in on the action!

Painting...a First

Caedmon's actually done some finger painting before, at a friend's house. But this was a first for me. We didn't work at it for too long, but he had fun regardless. I have to work on not caring when he puts the paintbrush in one color and then directly into another, mixing them. I mean, he's a kid right?! Who cares...except when the colors get so mixed up that you can't tell which is which; how am I supposed to work on colors with him.... perhaps this isn't the best type of paint. What I'd really like to find is one of those water color books where you just paint with water and color shows up - now that's my kind of "mess!":)

All Smiles and Cuteness!

Watch Out...Here She Comes!

She rolled over to the hardwood floor in pursuit of a book. Due to the floor's slipperiness, she looked like she might just crawl, or at least scooch her way to other places! Yikes!

Future Athlete???

Auntie Heather's Visit

Heather finally came to see us last week! She had a large chunk of time off from work, so was able to be here Wednesday through Saturday and we had an absolutely wonderful time! The change of pace was so nice for me, not to mention the adult conversation for four days in a row!!!:)

She spent time entertaining my children and just helping out, which I always so appreciate! And she spoiled us rotten!

Thursday, during nap time, we slipped out and went to the Moka, our favorite coffee shop in town. We spent our time there chatting and looking up possible new hairdos. Thursday night we went to Short's Brewing Company in town and ate supper before the spiritual discussion group got started. We topped off the evening with two of our favorite TV shows, Bones and Fringe.

Friday we went to TC to do some shopping. Always a good time when we go shopping together! Corey kept Caedmon and we took Carys. Heather was gracious and patient while I did some shopping for the kids. We got our hair cut and she treated me to lunch at Olive Garden, our favorite restaurant! We finished that night with Hairspray, which I had never seen and absolutely fell in love with!!! I love musicals and loved the theme of that one!

Saturday, we went to story time at the library and I was so thankful for all her help with Caedmon and the art projects! Then we of course had so stop at the Moka again for frappicinos, but since it was just about lunch time, she suggested we stay for lunch and treated us again! When the kids got up from their naps, we went for a walk and I was contemplating what I should make for supper when she decided she'd just buy pizza, 'so I wouldn't be stressed out on our last night together.' Like I said, spoiled us rotten! After our walk, we went to the loon sanctuary, the grocery store and Short's again, for the pizza. After the kids were in bed, we spent the rest of our evening playing Bananagrams and eating brownies!

Thank you soo much Heather for coming to hang out with us and putting up with the craziness of a family with two kids! We love and miss you!!!

Sorry for the lengthy post. This blog tends to be somewhat of a journal/memory keeper for me as well as keeping friends and family updated.

We were trying to get a pic with me and the kids
when I lost my balance, losing Caedmon at the same time...
made for a funny pic I guess!:)

Photo Shoot

After taking her 5 month pics, I put Caedmon on the couch with her and had some fun!:)

Big hug for Baby Carys
(no worries, I rescued her right after the picture!:))

She likes his hair
and it's a good thing he thinks her pulling on it is funny!

He thinks she needs his fingers/hand in her mouth;
she likes it;
mommy, on the other hand, thinks of all the germs!:/

Another big hug!
(Gotta love her face!:))

5 Months

She was 5 months on the third of November. She seems like such a big girl, sitting in her ultrasaucer, rolling over like a pro, grabbing at EVERYTHING, holding on to things. Even her attitude seems big girlish. She has quite the temper (I expect no comments on that!) and screams, and I mean literally, when she doesn't get what she wants or becomes frustrated. If we're reading a book to Caedmon, she could care less about the book you've given her to play with, she wants the one we're reading! I think she knows which toys are the "baby" toys and she wants Caedmon's! And funny thing is, he wants hers, telling her "that's mine." Yes, we've started that's lovely.:/

She's crankier than ever these days. I keep hoping it's teething so I can blame it on something, anything, but I don't see or feel any. She loves her pacifier, but she thinks she has to have a hold on it, so she inevitably pulls it out of her mouth, and then continues her fussing. She wants constant attention and eye to eye contact. Since that's not possible, we try to tune her out, or we go insane!

I think her most recent trick is spitting and making lots of noise with her tongue! It makes me laugh when she gets going!

She lights up a room with her smile and we love her to pieces!

Carys at 5 months

Caedmon at 5 months

Roly Poly

I don't remember Caedmon ever doing this (although I do have a horrible memory!). He was so laid back compared to Carys! He still is! But this girl, as soon as I put her down she rolls over, regardless of where it is - she's attempting to do it on her changing table now.:/

Just out of the bathtub, dried and diapered.

Playing Together

I love when Caedmon decides to share with his baby sister! It's so sweet! Lately we hear a lot of "NO NO baby!" Needless to say, we're working on sharing these days!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Rainy and cold and we braved it all for candy!:) That's pretty much the kind of weather you can expect around here on Halloween! But, it was our first year trick or treating with the kids and we went with friends which makes for a good time!:) We trick or treated downtown where all the area businesses hand out candy. We saw tons of people we know and had a great time!

My little animals - Caedmon a dog and Carys a cat.
(Caedmon did NOT like the hood of his costume!:/)
(Notice how they make baby costumes like snowsuits around here?)

The firefighters handed out candy -
you walked in the truck on one side and walked out on the other.
Pretty neat!

Mikki and her boys, Josh on her shoulders and Bryce next to her.

One of the area churches had carved pumpkins and
had them out for people to vote on the one they liked best.

Miss Sam and Miss Carys

We met up with more friends at the church

Corey didn't trick or treat with us
because he was passing out candy at the church.
Well, passing out candy and playing!:)

The paramedics handed out glow bracelets

I think he thinks the dog is chasing him!:)
The ice cream shop hands out ice cream cones! Mmmm!
Although, a little cold for ice cream!

We had a great time, but were glad to be headed to dry and warm places!:)