Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeding the Birds

It amazes me the things Caedmon figures out! He was outside playing yesterday and went into the garage, found the container with bird seed, opened it, filled up the bucket (2 liter) and started spreading it around the yard. He'd helped us throw corn for the deer this winter, so he knew just what to do with that bird seed!:)

Big Truck

We found this big truck in the rafters of our garage. It's battery operated, but the battery is dead, so Corey attached the dog's leash and pulled him around the yard. He loved it!

First Ice Cream Trip of the Summer

He didn't get into the ice cream too much,
but he enjoyed carry mama's cone around,
coming around once in a while for me to get a few bites in:)

A Sticker.....

Well, in Caedmon's eyes anyway! We had gone to the Chiropractor and he'd gotten a sticker. He later showed me his understanding of stickers as he was rummaging through my bathroom cabinet and came out with this

if you can't tell what that is, it's a maxi pad...
doesn't he look proud of himself?!
(Gonna love sharing this with his future wife someday!)

My Little Handyman

Well...maybe we need to wait a few years

Spring Round Up

One of the members of our church owns a horse ranch and we had a community event out there a couple weeks ago. We were really excited to have quite a few families with young kids show up! The kids got to ride a horse, enjoy a rock collecting contest (kids will do anything if you make it a contest with prizes!:)), and food of course! We had a great time meeting those in our community and enjoying the beautiful day!

A tractor ride with dada
Looking at the fish in the pond

Collecting rocks...or something!:)

Yum Yum

You just have to laugh!

Yes, we were outside,

and yes, that's some sort of mud

coming out of his mouth!:/

Dada's Big Helper

A New Way to Read Together

I guess it's great fun to sit on Dada!:)


Quote of the Year

I was talking to my sister yesterday and filling her in on Caedmon and what he's up to these days; including the not so nice stuff, like hitting and taking tantrums (in the middle of the mall no less!:( ). She was slightly astounded and said,

' I just thought you guys were perfect parents and he'd skip the brat stage and always be an angel.'

I had a good laugh over this! Thanks for the vote of confidence in parenting skills Keesha! :)


A couple weeks ago I baked cookies for an event our church was sponsoring. I baked them before lunch and left them to cool on the counter while Caedmon and I took our naps.

I often forget how tall my son is and how long his monkey arms are...

I came out into the kitchen to see Caedmon with a cookie in hand and as I began to say something, he turns around signing "thank-you." Now, how can you resist that?! Needless to say, he got the cookie!:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhh...Warm Weather!

We are loving the sunshine and warmer weather of spring! Caedmon's enjoying the outdoors, as am I! He discovered the spade the other day and loves to dig!:)

Monday Fun

Corey has the day off on Monday and we had a friend up visiting, so we decided to take off to Petoskey for the morning/early afternoon.

It was lovely! I love hanging out in coffee shops and bookstores! Granted, it's not quite like it used to be, as I try to keep track of my son...but still a good time!:)

Contemplating his next move...:)
walking to the coffee shop and lunch
sitting in a chair like a big boy

enjoying a smoothie with mama and dada
(no, that's not coffee in front of him)

Easter Sunday

We missed the Sader and Good Friday services, but Caedmon finally felt better by Sunday, so we made it to church Sunday morning.

We planned something for any children that might come to the service, so Caedmon didn't have to stay upstairs during the service (which was a good thing on this particular day), although I missed being involved in the service.

We didn't have any new children, but the three boys enjoyed themselves! They started out hunting for eggs in a wading pool full of "grass". Each egg contained a small figurine of sorts that represented a part of the Easter story. And so they heard the Easter story as they opened up each of the eggs they had found. Then they had fun finding the rest of the candy and playing in the pool of grass!:)

Ready to go to church

Opening eggs and hearing the Easter story

Caedmon didn't last too long for the story -
he's busy trying to unwrap a sucker

Picking out the rest of the candy

Caedmon sat back and observed for awhile
before he finally decided to join in the fun!

He wasn't quite sure what to make of the two brothers -
I'm sure he'll get into plenty of mischief
with his own sibling soon enough!

Now he's gettin' in on the action!

Looks like he's a magician -

not sure how he felt about the grass all over his hands

32 Weeks

So I'm more like 33 1/2 weeks now, but here's a pic from last week. Can't believe how time is flying! Less than 7 weeks to go!

I think Caedmon knows his life is about to drastically change...his behavior lately makes me look forward to sweet baby days!:) Guess there are pros and cons to every stage.

Having said that, look at that sweet smile!:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hanging Out With Grandparents

Caedmon and I took a road trip this week to see Corey's parents. We haven't been up since Christmas and decided we didn't have to wait for Corey to be able to go up with us. So, while he was working, we went to see Nanna and Papa. And Caedmon can say both their names, but I'm not sure he really know what they mean yet.
Sarah plans to help out when I go into the hospital, so we decided Caedmon needed to spend a little more time with her!
We had a great time, just getting away from the house and doing something out of the ordinary. We were loved on and well taken care of!

Caedmon was obsessed with the cat immediately,
but wasn't so sure he wanted to leave mommy's side at first.
He eventually warmed up and "cat" was the
first thing he'd sign when he woke up!
Not sure how much the cat enjoyed him...

Looking at singing Hallmark cards with Nanna.
(Perks of owning a garbage business...
you never know what you're going to find in the trash -
I can't believe Hallmark throws cards away!)

Enjoying his first ice cream cone -
and I didn't even teach him how to eat it!
He just stuck his tonuge out right away...
and way before his mouth was ever close to the ice cream!
It was hilarious!

Papa showing him the bear outside of the restaurant

Big Helper

Caedmon loves to help with whatever we're doing! And I find I actually have the patience to let him help me! I thought I'd have a lot more trouble with this, but I think it helps being a stay-at-home mom and not being in a hurry to get things done. Corey's also very good about letting him "help."

Guess the driveway could use a good sweeping!:)

Brushing the dog


Last weekend, we had a group of four college age guys come and visit from down state. Caedmon was a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly warmed up and decided he was surrounded by playmates! And they all did a great job of interacting with him! I also enjoyed taking care of a bunch of guys who appreciated everything I did!:)

I didn't do a good job of taking pictures - I tried to snap a few before they left...I'm missing one guy.

Look at the Face!

Not too happy with the current arrangement. I think I was cleaning the kitchen and confined him to the living room. And no, that is not a smile!

Stuffed Animals Go for a Ride

Caedmon likes to go for rides in his Tonka truck. The other day, he decided to give his animals a ride! Too cute! I love to see his imagination start to blossom!

Cheap Entertainment

We've taken Caedmon to a children's museum a few times now and he loves it! The first time we went, they were making bean bags during toddler time and he was more interested in playing with the beans than throwing the bean bag he'd made. Which gave me a great idea for home!:) Well... there are a few more things on that tray than just beans... and he enjoys eating raw pasta, and a bean here and there.