Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

We missed the Sader and Good Friday services, but Caedmon finally felt better by Sunday, so we made it to church Sunday morning.

We planned something for any children that might come to the service, so Caedmon didn't have to stay upstairs during the service (which was a good thing on this particular day), although I missed being involved in the service.

We didn't have any new children, but the three boys enjoyed themselves! They started out hunting for eggs in a wading pool full of "grass". Each egg contained a small figurine of sorts that represented a part of the Easter story. And so they heard the Easter story as they opened up each of the eggs they had found. Then they had fun finding the rest of the candy and playing in the pool of grass!:)

Ready to go to church

Opening eggs and hearing the Easter story

Caedmon didn't last too long for the story -
he's busy trying to unwrap a sucker

Picking out the rest of the candy

Caedmon sat back and observed for awhile
before he finally decided to join in the fun!

He wasn't quite sure what to make of the two brothers -
I'm sure he'll get into plenty of mischief
with his own sibling soon enough!

Now he's gettin' in on the action!

Looks like he's a magician -

not sure how he felt about the grass all over his hands

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