Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tub Fun, In and Out!:)

Big Cheese!:)

She pulls herself up to a standing position on anything, anywhere!
Here she's in the kitchen/entryway.

Fresh Air!!!

On Lake Bellaire

Moola moola!:)
(My grandma used to rub her nose on our nose as little kids and say "moola moola")

Almost home:)
(walking backwards)

Carys' Teeth

See the teeth on the bottom.?
The one was discovered Jan. 7th
and the other popped up a couple days later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visit to Manistee

We made a quick, one day trip to see Corey's mom's side of the family last Saturday. One of his aunts was visiting from Texas and we hadn't seen her in about 5 years.
We took a walk down memory lane with old photos. I love looking at photos and even Corey enjoyed it! We heard more stories of times gone by and just enjoyed hanging out with family we don't see often enough.

Tia Lydia and Tio Sel

Caedmon "feeding" the pig:)

Corey and Tia Martha

Tia Martha with Carys and Caedmon

Tio Sel, Tia Martha and Caedmon

All of the family present that day
(There are lots more!)

Little Miss Energy

think she's proud of herself?!:)

she needs rubber on the bottom of her feet!

oh dear, don't want to think about the future quite yet!

really need that rubber! Maybe she'll be a gymnast!:)

She crawls all the way through the kitchen to the entryway and chews on shoes!
Oh the differences between my children!:)
Keeps me on my toes!

Working on Colors

A lady comes to our house once a month and does age appropriate activities with my children to encourage them and see where they are developmentally. One of these visits, she was working on colors with Caedmon while telling me all the processes they have to go through to learn colors before they can actually name them. At one point, she put out colored construction paper and told Caedmon to find toys around the room and put them on the appropriate color paper. We've done the same activity once or twice since then.

The other day, I wasn't paying attention to what Caedmon was doing, and when I went out to check on him, this is what I found!

She Found the Cupboard!

Funny thing, Caedmon kept trying to clean up
while she got everything out!

Peek A Boo

Future Laundry Help???

Looking Out the Window

Although it's too dark to see anything:)
It's just fun standing on the couch I think!

7 Months Old


January 3rd marked 7 months for Carys! Truly, where did time go?!

7 Months and she's finally let up on the spitting! Hallelujah! When we saw the doctor right before Christmas, and I was asking about it yet again, thinking it should be coming to an end and he said it could very possibly continue to be an issue till 9 months! Yuck! But we got lucky!:)

As of Dec. 22nd, she measured 27 in. and weighed in at 16lbs. Still tall and skinny so they tell me.:)

She's enjoying pulling herself up onto her knees using anything she can get her hands on. There's a pic on my New Years Day post that shows this.

Jan. 6th, Corey spotted a tooth, finally! Bottom left and then right after it, the bottom right popped up.

The spitting has abated but her crankiness persists. Perhaps teeth have contributed of late, but I think I'm seeing her personality more than anything. She's very much a mama's girl and every once in awhile, she'll be playing quite well all by herself, but if she happens to spot me, she starts fussing and crawling after me. It doesn't even matter if Caedmon or Corey are around. She does a lot of squealing/screaming, I think just to hear her own voice. And a short scream/squeal, full of attitude, seems to be normal communication. She has a personal space issue and because of this, I often come running, assuming my son is doing something to her, when it's just because he's too close that she's raising the roof! She's quite the character.

But, she lights up a room with her smile (as the pictures show) and her giggle is contagious!

Happy New Year!


starting to climb

sitting like a big girl
(notice how far apart we put her legs to keep her balanced!:))

looking for his belly button I guess:)

tummy time for all!:)

Where Did Caedmon Go?

Frosting Cookies

Yes, we were a little late for Christmas, but it's never too late to eat cookies!:)

Happy Birthday Corey...

...28 days late!:/ Corey turned 30 this year and even though I wanted to celebrate and make it extra special, he wanted to do nothing. I honored his wishes for the most part. No parties; but he went out to eat with a good friend of his and then they went to a poker game. They came back and I had caramel apple pie ready for them. That was on his actual birthday. Then his other gift finally came in the mail. I think I succeeded, although I'm sure he could do without the big 30 on the back!:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Auntie Keesha's Visit

'Not the hair!'

Watching videos on Youtube -
start 'em young, huh!:)