Monday, August 31, 2009

Teaching Him Early

Corey plans to hand over this duty as soon as possible!:)

A Visit From Former Youth Group Kids

Talk about making me feel old! I was their youth leader and the girls' mentor as well, and now three out of the four are off to college and the youngest in the group drove his car up!

We had a great time spending the day together and then hooking up a couple days later at the mall in TC.

Thanks for coming to visit guys and gals!:)

Caedmon making eyes at the girls across the table -
he was our free entertainment for the evening!:)

Out of Options

I do laundry constantly and still run out of bibs and burp rags! Think this will catch it all?!

We're still going to the chiropractor, and although there have been days here and there of reprieve, it is still very bad most of the time! It was projectile throughout the grocery store today.:/

Good Times:)

Caedmon and I were being silly in front of the mirror one night while brushing his teeth. Love moments like these!

Cool Dude

Really just trying to help protect his eyes from the sun! I was surprised at how long he actually kept the sunglasses on!

Carys and Dada...

...napping together:) And Caedmon in the background...looks like he has control of the TV remote!:)

Fun with Rice

The dollar store is a great place to find cheap entertainment! A 10 lb. bag of rice and a few accessories and wallah!:)

Carys and Mommy

I realized the other day that we really don't have any pictures of just Carys and me, so I figured we'd better remedy that since I have plenty with Caedmon!:)

We're even matching - can't quite tell here,
but her dress is green and white checkered.

(Thanks Mikaela for the adorable outfit - it was finally hot enough to wear it!)

Rubber Ducky Festival

This is the morning of the festival. They had games with prizes for the children. Caedmon enjoyed throwing balls and bean bags!

I didn't get any pics of the parade later that day or of the front loader dumping 2000 rubber duckies into the river. Sad to say, Caedmon and Carys' ducks did not win the race.

A Cool Hiding Place

When he figures out the game hide-and-go-seek,
I'm sure this spot will get used!

Mommy Does It!

Caedmon is "nursing" his bunny rabbit.:)

Fun at the Beach

This was a couple weeks ago and yes, believe it or not, it was actually hot that day! A very "go get 'em" friend of mine asked if we wanted to go to the beach with a picnic lunch. Sometimes I'm tempted to just stay home even when something sounds like fun, just because it's easier with two kids. But I went and we had a lovely time. Now she was the one with the idea to grill brats over a little camping grill! I was all for packing sandwiches, but if she wanted to do the work, well, hey, I'd eat it!:)
The children had a great time in the water and in the sand as well as on the cool playground right next to the beach. I never made it past my calves in the water, by the time we had lunch, I fed Carys, and then tried to get her to go to sleep, which took awhile! But it was a good time - something I'd only do with another person along!:)


More Friends...

...from WAY downstate.

Caedmon and Kiersten on the school bus at the playground...
I know tat day will come all too quickly!

watching Baby Einstein

We didn't get any adult pics, but we had a great time hanging out as well!:)

Hangin' Out with Friends

We had supper with some friends a couple weeks ago. At some point as we were getting our plates ready to take outside, we realized the children had already escaped to the outdoors and we parents were all inside. And we came out to find our friend who doesn't yet have children here...:)

Caedmon and his little friend Denali having a great time together!:)

Hangin' Out... our favorite coffee shop in town.

He really is enjoying his cinnamon twist!

She's enjoying her toy! Love her faces!:)

Just Plain Cute

These were taken on the 8th - yeah, it's been awhile since I've blogged!:/ Sorry to those of my faithful followers!

It's so much fun when they start smiling and now she coos and talks and it's just adorable! She still has her cranky times, but that's how it goes.

Sibling Sweetness:)

Caedmon often tells me, "baby spit" and then
proceeds to wipe her mouth with her bib.

I love to watch them together, Caedmon talking to her and she just looking up at him in wonder!:) Perhaps not quite as nice, but kind of funny was when Caedmon discovered last night that if he yelled, Carys jumped - there was lots of giggling...poor girl, she's already so sensitive...oh the torture she has to look forward to from her older brother!:/

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Music Night Downtown

On Wednesday nights, the town shuts down a side street and brings in a local band. I've really enjoyed going and Caedmon has a good time running around with his little friends. I love small towns and community events!

Bathtime Helper

2 Months Old

2 months old! She weighs 11lbs. 9oz. (75%) and measures 23 1/4 inches long (80%).

She has been a challenge in some ways and easy in others. She spits up constantly and cries a lot, but she makes up for this with her great sleeping habits at night!!! Pretty much right away she went 5 hours between feedings at night and for a couple weeks now she's been doing 8 hours! It's awesome. I feel like we're leaps and bounds ahead of where we were with Caedmon at this age in that regard!

She's been called "high maintenance." :) I'm seeing a switch from just crying for no reason to crying because no one's paying attention to her.

We've started taking her to the chiropractor, a friend who's been adjusting me since my pregnancy with her. I didn't know all the benefits of chiropractors but I'm learning! Adjusting babies has been known to help with spitting up, so we're trying it. It's been about a week of adjusting and I've seen improvement yesterday and today! My laundry duties may slow down if this works!:)She had to wear this outfit at least once,
if only because her brother wore it as well!:)

Carys at 2 months

Caedmon at 2 months

Same outfit, but at about 2 weeks -
he was into the next size of clothes by 6 weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gift Certificate Purchases

I received a gift certificate from my husband for my birthday and I finally spent it! I also won a gift certificate downtown the other night and spent that as well! Corey has been after me to spend his since the day after my birthday! I drove him nuts taking my time, but half the fun is the anticipation of spending it. Now it's spent and I can't look forward to it anymore...kind of sad. The language art is what I got with the gift certificate from Corey; the blanket with the other one.

Down State - Day 3...The ZOO!!!

We went to the zoo Thursday morning. By the time we got there it was nearing Caedmon's nap time, so although he did quite well, he was somewhat of a zombie. I was so excited to take him because he's obsessed with animals, but his response to everything was kind of ho hum. The most enthusiastic he got was when he found the bongo drums! Oh well. We all had a good time!:)

His expression most of the day:)
The first thing we saw were ducks.
You know, it's a zoo and
there are so many cooler things to look at,
but he probably would have been happy there all day!:)

Of course the fish were a huge hit!

Matt was a great help!

Kathy and Caedmon...
not sure what they're looking at but love the profile pic!:)

Mary Beth and Caedmon - he loved her!

ah, alas the bongo drums

makin' music!:)

Mr. Independent

Exhausted! He didn't even need his pak 'n play -
I laid him right on the bed and he passed out!

* Most photographs taken by Mary Beth Gould*

Thanks Mary Beth!!!:)