Thursday, August 6, 2009

Down State - Day 3...The ZOO!!!

We went to the zoo Thursday morning. By the time we got there it was nearing Caedmon's nap time, so although he did quite well, he was somewhat of a zombie. I was so excited to take him because he's obsessed with animals, but his response to everything was kind of ho hum. The most enthusiastic he got was when he found the bongo drums! Oh well. We all had a good time!:)

His expression most of the day:)
The first thing we saw were ducks.
You know, it's a zoo and
there are so many cooler things to look at,
but he probably would have been happy there all day!:)

Of course the fish were a huge hit!

Matt was a great help!

Kathy and Caedmon...
not sure what they're looking at but love the profile pic!:)

Mary Beth and Caedmon - he loved her!

ah, alas the bongo drums

makin' music!:)

Mr. Independent

Exhausted! He didn't even need his pak 'n play -
I laid him right on the bed and he passed out!

* Most photographs taken by Mary Beth Gould*

Thanks Mary Beth!!!:)


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful...thanks for the visit! Love you guys !!

Anonymous said...

oops , missed a word... wonderful*time ...hehe

Marybeth said...

Hey, plagarism! plagarism!! no written consent for the use of amazing photographic skills! jk, jk. that was a really fun day. miss you guys :)

Marybeth (again) said...

*pics taken by someone with amazing photographic knew what I meant, lol ;)

Keelie said...

check out the revised addition!:)