Thursday, August 6, 2009

Visiting Family

A couple weekends ago, we made the trip over to Manistee to visit Corey's mom's side of the family. It's been at least four years since we've seen them and they of course hadn't seen our children. We had a lovely time and it was fun to listen as they shared memories!

Corey's cousin's daughter, Selena, with Carys

Selena's friend, Stormy, with Caedmon
(they did a great job entertaining my children!)

Tio Rueben and Tia JoAnna

Tia JoAnna with Carys

Tia Lydia with Carys
(her bib must had been covering her face temporarily)

A morning swim at the hotel pool
(we thought we'd stay in a hotel to be less trouble for his aunt and uncle,
but they were not happy with us and made sure we knew
we'd better stay with them next time!:))

Caedmon's a little fish and kept asking for "down"
in a pool way too deep for him! Maybe he'll be a swimmer!:)

Walking the pier in Manistee

Caedmon did NOT appreciate the lion or perhaps the heights!

Lunch on a deck by the river right before we left.

Corey's cousin Steven trying to get a high five out of Caedmon
(Steven's kids, Selena and Steven, also in the pic)

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Keithslady said...

Just got to the bottom of the series of posts. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I love keeping up with you this way!