Thursday, August 6, 2009

Down State - Day 2

After leaving Aunt Lois' house Tuesday evening, we arrived at Kathy's house, a dear friend from our former church, and set up camp.:) Wednesday morning we just hung out and then late morning decided to hop in the van and go in search of blueberries. Can you believe with all the fruit I'm surrounded with up here, there aren't any blueberries!

That afternoon, Kathy kept my children (thank you!) and I went blueberry picking with some friends! I came home with about 15 pounds, which I had help picking (one in our group could get a job picking! She was fast and said it was relaxing!:) I pick 'cause it's cheaper than buying...not sure I'd call it relaxing, although it can be a lot of fun with friends).

Got to go to Barnes and Nobles with another friend for old times sake and had a great time! It was so nice being able to leave my children with someone I trust and get away for a little while!

Matt with Carys

Scott keeping an eye on Caedmon

my little man:)
I'm biased, but I think he's pretty cute!:)

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Keithslady said...

Do I count as biased? Cause I think he's cute, too!