Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun at the Beach

This was a couple weeks ago and yes, believe it or not, it was actually hot that day! A very "go get 'em" friend of mine asked if we wanted to go to the beach with a picnic lunch. Sometimes I'm tempted to just stay home even when something sounds like fun, just because it's easier with two kids. But I went and we had a lovely time. Now she was the one with the idea to grill brats over a little camping grill! I was all for packing sandwiches, but if she wanted to do the work, well, hey, I'd eat it!:)
The children had a great time in the water and in the sand as well as on the cool playground right next to the beach. I never made it past my calves in the water, by the time we had lunch, I fed Carys, and then tried to get her to go to sleep, which took awhile! But it was a good time - something I'd only do with another person along!:)

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