Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip Down State - Day 1

Last week we took a trip down to where we formerly lived. We got to see some of Corey's family as well as friends. We drove down Tuesday and went straight to Aunt Lois' house. Caedmon warmed up so quickly - I was totally surprised, but when there are toys sitting out just waiting to be played with and a little nine year old girl who's quite willing to play with you, well hey, life is good!:) Janna kept Caedmon entertained while Aunt Lois and I visited. It was so nice. And Aunt Lois spent quite a bit of time with Carys ( I regret we did not get a picture of this:/). She spoiled me with sweet treats:) and even cooked supper for us! We had a lovely visit!

Caedmon got up from his nap and
held his arms out to Janna - he was definitely in love!:)

Always enjoys a piano!

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