Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gift Certificate Purchases

I received a gift certificate from my husband for my birthday and I finally spent it! I also won a gift certificate downtown the other night and spent that as well! Corey has been after me to spend his since the day after my birthday! I drove him nuts taking my time, but half the fun is the anticipation of spending it. Now it's spent and I can't look forward to it anymore...kind of sad. The language art is what I got with the gift certificate from Corey; the blanket with the other one.


Mikaela said...

Love what you got! Now you need a picture of them in their new home :O)

Keelie said...

Yeah, I'm kind of slow at putting things on my wall...I finally have stuff up, much to Corey's shock!:)
I want to do a collage of family pics around the wall hanging I got and I think I probably should wait till I get Carys' 6 month pics taken and then I can lay it all out and figure out how best to do it. If you ever want to come decorate my house, be my guest! Not one of my strong points!