Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Two Front Teeth

Look at my teeth! And I've even been pretty nice to mommy for the last few days!

5 Months Old Today!

It is February 28th, 2008. 5 months ago today the little guy came into this world! I can't believe how time flies! He is so much fun right now! I can't believe all that he can do!
He's started rolling over from his stomach to his back. He needs me to get his arm out of the way before he can do it, so I don't know if it completely counts or not. This is his latest.

Here are some MORE pictures for your viewing pleasure!:)

Getting Some Zzzzz's!

YAH!!! We're continuing to sleep about 7 - 8 hours a night! Caedmon that is.:) It's been awesome! He's been sleeping a good bit during the day too. (He likes mommy and daddy's bed during the day.:)) Oh no, does this mean another growth spurt?! Yikes! Sometimes I get a little bit envious of friends' babies that look petite in comparison!
I've been using a sling lately to tote him around and keep my hands free. Hoped it would hurt my shoulders less than the front pack. About the only difference is it only hurts one shoulder.:/ He's huge!

Taking a nap in mommy and daddy's bed.:)

He really does like the sling!

We've discontinued use of this carrier - I guess one shoulder hurting is better than two.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on Sleep

Sunday night was horrible! He was up every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours. I attempted feeding him on just one side and putting him back to way was this going to work! Give me a break - he often eats on only one side during the day, so I know he'll make it at night. But no. I tried to ignore the crying, knowing there wasn't anything really wrong. Don't know why I tried this on a work night. I think I got about 5 hours of sleep or so. But last night I went to bed between 8:30 and 9p.m. feeling horrible. I fed him in bed and let him fall asleep with me, and then Corey came in and put him in his crib. Are you ready for this?! He didn't wake up till 5:20a.m. Yes, that is a woppin' 9 hours! Yes! I'm hoping this isn't just a fluke! It'd be a very nice pattern!

Thank Goodness for Another Snow Day!

We've had one snow per week for the last five weeks! What a winter - I'm lovin' it! Especially when I don't have to drive in it!

This one was perfectly timed for me! I came down with round two of mastitis yesterday and knew I wouldn't be able to go into work today, but I only receive a 1/2 sick day per month, and I've only earned one.

We don't have insurance and it makes you think twice about whether to go to the doctor or not. I'm feeling better today, so I'm hoping to fight it off on my own!

We're done with our freebie snow days; from here on out, we have to tack on days to the end of the school year.:/ But this is the best winter in years!:)

Fun with Dad!

Here's another fun ride! And yes, he is eating Corey's hair!

Ride 'im Coyboy!

Everyone's always telling us we should strap a saddle to Neo. We didn't go quite that far, but he does make an awful fun ride...or chair.:)

Caedmon loves Neo. Don't know why, but he follows him around with his eyes, smiles at him and talks to him. We often make Neo sit right in front of Caedmon for entertainment's sake!

Oh no, TEETH!!!

Yes, we are cutting teeth! TWO! On the bottom. They're quite sharp little boogers! We discovered them last Saturday. After blaming his fussiness on teething for a few days, I finally decided to check and see...then feel for them! Yep, they're there! So far, they haven't caused us too much trouble. Whew!

And yes, we suck/chew on anything and everything.:)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lack of Sleep

So my son still gets up in the middle of the night. I thought I was going to have it easy when he slept 10 and 11 hours a couple nights in a row. This was extreme, but he was sleeping between 6-8 hours a night for a little while.

For the last month though, he's averaged only 4 hours between feedings. The doctor says he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, but it's easy for him to tell me to ignore Caedmon. I haven't figured out how to do this yet.

Last night he ate at 9:30p.m., woke up at 1a.m., then again at 3:
15a.m. and again at 7a.m. AGGHH!! I think I got about 5 hours of sleep.:( Corey made me take a nap today - Caedmon and I took a nap together on our bed. Corey said he checked on us a couple times, but I was so out I had no idea.

He's finally taking better naps again during the day; we just have to work on nights!

Any ideas or advice on my son's waking in the middle of the night, or is this just the name of the game till he starts eating solids?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Caedmon's Obsession

Everything goes into his mouth - this has been the case for awhile. He also has a real need to suck on things, including my cheek! I'm not always sure whether it's his way of telling me he's hungry or he just needs his pacifier! Last night, I thought for sure he was going to leave a mark - wouldn't that have gotten looks!:)


Winter has been somewhat of a love/hate relationship for me this year. I LOVE winter, always have! The snow is beautiful and we've had more this year than we've had since the 70's, so I've heard. We've had a good, "old-fashioned" winter this year and I'm loving it. Except for this one little problem. Well, maybe it's not such a little problem. I am so sick of driving on bad roads! As soon as I started my job, 30 - 45 min. away, winter hit full force!

Twice now, we've come home from up north in storms that had us on the road for over 5 hours rather than the normal 2 1/2. Last Sunday we'd already been on the road too long when we reached I96 with 30 miles left to get home and found it closed due to a 50 car pile up. Very thankful God answered our prayer for safety, but we had to go south to go north.

We had ANOTHER snow day on Monday.

The ice on the roads didn't completely clear up till the sun finally came out for the first time in days today!

You can't beat the beauty, and just because I have to drive in it doesn't make me wish it away, but if it could just snow in between the times I have to drive, it'd be wonderful!

Valentine's Day Early

Corey hates Valentine's Day. I decided last year that I would no longer force the issue - if he thinks to do something - wonderful; if not, oh well.

So this past Sunday as we're driving home from up north, he informs me that we will be celebrating Wednesday night so we don't have to fight the crowds on Thursday. Cool!:)

I walked into my kitchen to find this sitting on my table! How sweet! I've taken those love language tests before and I think I try to answer some of the questions according to how I wish I was, but if I'm completely honest, I really do enjoying getting gifts.

He also took me out to eat. Well, me and Caedmon.:) We went to the Sardine Room - one of my favorites! Caedmon decided he was hungry not long after we got there, but he fell asleep eating and we laid him in the booth and he slept through most of our meal! It was quite enjoyable and the food was delicious!

It was a memorable celebration of the Hallmark holiday this year!

My Baby is Growing Up!

I just can't believe how fast Caedmon is growing up. I'm constantly surprised by what he's capable of (and he's probably capable of many things before I realize it - I guess I want to keep him a baby as long as possible!).

Last week Tuesday, we decided to try putting Caedmon
in the small "high chair" while we ate supper. It was just so weird to see him sitting in it looking like a big boy!

Last weekend, we went up north. Corey's been filling pulpit and the guy he's filling in for is letting us stay at his house on a lake! It's a beautiful area and house and it's a nice getaway for us! So, before we got ready to leave, we finally installed the new car seat. It is really difficult getting a baby in and out of a car seat in a little car, but I'm definitely enjoying carrying Caedmon alone without the infant carrier! The combination was way too heavy!

Last Saturday, we drove over to Traverse City and walked the mall. Another milestone - Caedmon rode in the stroller without the infant carrier! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture.:( Again, I keep thinking that he needs to sit on an incline, but he's pretty capable of sitting straight up!

Today, at my student's job site, she was cleaning a nursery and I saw an Ultra Saucer and thought, "I bet Caedmon could sit in that now!" We brought it up from the basement and he really enjoyed it! It's very stimulating!:)

My baby is going to be 20 weeks on Friday! Most people's reaction to his age is, 'oh, he's just a little guy!' But to me, he's no longer an infant. When you start out with a baby from day 1, by 5 months they seem huge and "grown up!" Or maybe just my baby seems huge!:)