Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Natural

We were invited to a friend's pool today. It has finally warmed up enough today to actually go swimming; and they accidentally left their heater going all night, so the temperature of the water was wonderful, and perfect for Caedmon.:)
He LOVED it! I tried to put him in the water gradually, but he immediately reached over to start splashing! We put him in a floaty device and he started kicking. Guess he's going to be a swimmer!

Look at the little man in his "speedo!" Maybe we'll try out for "Baby" Watch!:)

Just kicking back and relaxing!

This is fun!

Thanks Kathy; we had a blast! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Food Trouble!

I'm at my wits end! Caedmon has all but stopped eating solids. It has been a process building up to this point and I'm going to do my best to explain it quickly - sorry if it gets lengthy, but I need advice!
A few weeks back, my last week of school, he woke up one night crying and had thrown up all of his dinner (solids). After he threw up the second time, we thought perhaps I should nurse him so he didn't become dehydrated (seemed to be dry-heaving). Well, we changed sheets two MORE times! Guess that was a bad idea. Anyway, he hadn't liked supper that much - I'd put an egg yolk with his veggies. Bad mommy! He's had egg yolk before, but with his rice/oatmeal cereal and he didn't even seem to notice it. He hadn't gotten any protein in awhile and I felt the need to give it to him that night for some reason. We're still not sure of the exact reason he had trouble that night - he was fine the next day.
It took me a couple weeks to figure out why he wasn't eating squash - he'd always eaten it just fine before. Then I recalled it was squash he had eaten the night he'd thrown up his supper. O.k. figured that one out.
Then this past weekend, when we went up north, he didn't eat a whole lot and we figured it was because he was away from home and without a high chair. Got to Corey's parents and had a high chair to use. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd yet had the light bulb go on regarding the squash, and although he refused to eat one night, I figured if we could just get it in his mouth, he'd realize it was good and eat. Ooops. We got two bites in and he threw it up. Whew! Learning lessons!
So the week at the in-laws, he did o.k. with breakfast, but struggled with his veggies at supper. Decided to stick to avacado (his first food) and he ate some of it.
I thought he was coming back around till yesterday. Now he eats a few bits of breakfast and he's finished. I've been sticking mostly to avacado, and he's doing the same thing - a few bites (willingly) and then he's done.

It hit me tonight that perhaps I need to just forgo the solids for about a week and see if I can start fresh. I feel like he's leary of anything I stick in his mouth.

This is how he's feeling about solids these days!:/

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hanging Out With Nanna and Papa

While Corey worked in Bellaire this week, we stayed with his parents. Caedmon was showing signs of wanting only Mama shortly before we went up, so I was a little nervous about how he'd do with his grandparents. He did wonderfully! Nanna and Papa were wonderful with him and he loved them! We had a good time hanging out and getting spoiled!:)
The shirt explains who this is!:)

He likes to cock his head like this - one way and then the other -
guess it gives him a different perspective:)
He makes us laugh!

What a cool way to shop!

Three woman and a day of shopping got to be too much.

Jumping on the bed with cousin Maria and help from Papa

Since Cousin Maria was taking a bath,

she was able to steady him while he got a bath as well

(and as a side note, this is the first time he's ever splashed!)

Surprise Birthday Weekend

The surprise weekend was supposed to be for our anniversary, but the first available reservations ended up closer to my birthday, so Corey switched it to my birthday weekend.:) Fine with me!
A couple in our new church have a time share and gave us a weekend at Boyne Mountain! I was in the dark until we pulled in and couldn't believe where we were! The accomodations were wonderful!
Shortly after we arrived, Corey took off to the nearest grocery store for supper. He cooked supper and even got a cake for me!
Saturday, we spent much of the day in Petoskey, one of my favorite towns up north! Corey sat in a coffee shop doing homework while Caedmon and I walked around town and shopped. I had fun spending some birthday money from my Grandpa.:)
We left Sunday morning, but I wanted to stay longer! We had a lovely weekend!

VERY early Sat. morning.
Wouldn't let "ma ma ma ma" stay in bed,
so he rolled around the living room while mom showered.
Fun with "dada"
In a Petoskey park

Fun on the floor

My BirthDAY

Yes, another year older! I think I'm only feeling it in the number of my age though. Well, my hair is showing it!

I love birthdays but I've had to tone down my enthusiasm in the last few years.:) Corey was up north as it was his first official week working as a church planter.

A friend came over in the morning and the three of us (friend, Caedmon, and me) went to the farmer's market in town. It wasn't very big yet, so we finished there in no time. From there we went to the mall so I could get my hair cut, and my friend watched Caedmon. He thought the spray bottle was funny for some reason.

From there, we met another friend at Brann's and ate lunch. It was a fun morning!

The rest of the day was spent at home, just Caedmon and me. Another friend was working that night. Guess I need more friends.:) It was kind of a sad ending. I was going to make a cake for myself - I'd bought strawberries at the farmer's market and decided strawberry shortcake with pound cake sounded really good, but I didn't even have any flour and Caedmon was already in bed. Oh well...

Thank you to the friends who made it special!

Lunch at Brann's

Me and the little guy.:)

Nap Time

What a little love! We don't do this enough - guess I'm afraid he'll never sleep in his crib if I sleep with him too much. But I need to treasure these quiet, cuddly times...they are few and far between these days!:)

Still Alive!

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. Only the civilized part of it!:) I've been up north for awhile.
So now I'll play catch up. Sorry for the sudden influx of posts! Gotta make sure you see all the cute moments captured on "film.":)
Here we go!

Bath in Sink

Our ducky tub "died" and we needed a bath in the worst of ways. Corey suggested the sink - duh, why didn't I think of that! It was the perfect size, but thank goodness he didn't splash! Wonder how the soapy dish cloth tastes.:/

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday in TC

Lighthouse at Mission Point
MIssion Point = a small peninsula jutting out of the "little finger" of Michigan

Caedmon's first time in a pool - he was somewhat indifferent to the whole experience.

Walking the docks on Grand Traverse Bay

We had a fun filled day. I'm pretty sure we wore Caedmon right out! He slept well that night!

Highlight from the Weekend - Friday

We celebrated year #4 last Thursday and Corey surprised me with a weekend in Traverse City! We had offers to watch Caedmon, but I won't be leaving him overnight till he's done nursing, and even then, who knows when...:) So this anniversary weekend included our son and that was fine! It was just fun to be away as a family, hanging out and enjoying "firsts" with Caedmon!
These past four years have been the best of my life and I look forward to many more! I've been abundantly blessed and truly couldn't ask for more!

Love this pic!:) Like father, like son!
(yeah, yeah, I know he's not suppposed to be watching TV)

Downtown TC - Caedmon loves the sound of water running

Chattin' while waiting to order our food at a cute pizza place downtown - delicious!

Waitress even found something for Caedmon! We had to watch him closely - even though they were hard as rock, he managed to bite pieces off!

Daddy is so much fun!:)