Friday, June 20, 2008

My BirthDAY

Yes, another year older! I think I'm only feeling it in the number of my age though. Well, my hair is showing it!

I love birthdays but I've had to tone down my enthusiasm in the last few years.:) Corey was up north as it was his first official week working as a church planter.

A friend came over in the morning and the three of us (friend, Caedmon, and me) went to the farmer's market in town. It wasn't very big yet, so we finished there in no time. From there we went to the mall so I could get my hair cut, and my friend watched Caedmon. He thought the spray bottle was funny for some reason.

From there, we met another friend at Brann's and ate lunch. It was a fun morning!

The rest of the day was spent at home, just Caedmon and me. Another friend was working that night. Guess I need more friends.:) It was kind of a sad ending. I was going to make a cake for myself - I'd bought strawberries at the farmer's market and decided strawberry shortcake with pound cake sounded really good, but I didn't even have any flour and Caedmon was already in bed. Oh well...

Thank you to the friends who made it special!

Lunch at Brann's

Me and the little guy.:)


Cook Family said...

Happy B-day Keelie! I've been reading your's been so fun! You guys are a precious family! Well, if you haven't heard...i'm PREGNANT!!!!! we're real excited! check out our

Cook Family said...

whoops...i mean


Keithslady said...

Happy Birthday, late as always! I thought about you, but it didn't do you much good, did it? I'll have to check in, soon. Caedmon's a doll.