Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Natural

We were invited to a friend's pool today. It has finally warmed up enough today to actually go swimming; and they accidentally left their heater going all night, so the temperature of the water was wonderful, and perfect for Caedmon.:)
He LOVED it! I tried to put him in the water gradually, but he immediately reached over to start splashing! We put him in a floaty device and he started kicking. Guess he's going to be a swimmer!

Look at the little man in his "speedo!" Maybe we'll try out for "Baby" Watch!:)

Just kicking back and relaxing!

This is fun!

Thanks Kathy; we had a blast! :)


watchman said...

Man, I miss you guys.

watchman said...

and neo

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome , ANYTIME !!
You know my home is your home.
Strickly selfish, I can't get enough of your little charmer :)
Love you too Keelie but that little guy, I could just squeeze him to death. Corey, your welcome too,maybe sometime the end of the week:)

The VanderZwaag's said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!!! I put Morgan in her little pool yesterday and she wasn't too sure, so Caedmon you got her there!!! :) Keelie- your hair is so cute....don't know if I told you that yet!!!! Miss you guys!

Baby Love said...

I love introducing them to their firsts! It's so much fun to share in the excitment with them!

Courtney Moore said...

Hey! I guess you guys were at Brann's tonight; I wish we could have been able to say hello :( We both miss spending time with you guys. Maybe we can see you guys at some point this summer :)