Saturday, July 18, 2009

6 Weeks

It's hard to believe our baby girl is 6 weeks old!!! Where does time go?!

As I took these pictures, I remembered doing the same photo shoot with Caedmon at 6 weeks and in remembering, I realized that Caedmon smiled a lot more! I knew I could take his pictures in the morning 'cause I could always get lots of smiles out of him at that time.

Carys is starting to smile a little more, but she's been a crankier baby. She makes up for this though with her great sleeping!!! Caedmon ate every two hours through the night till he was 8 months old! She, almost from the beginning, has gone an average of 5 hours between feedings at night! It has been wonderful. She stays up late, goes to bed between 11 and 12, and then sleeps till about 5am! Then she goes back to sleep for another 3 hours! I'm loving the routine. If only my son would sleep past 6am!:/

One of my favorite times with her is watching her wake up in the morning. She's just darling when she's stretching and waking up to the world around her!

She's our sweet baby girl, for the most part!:)

Not enjoying this mom!

Are we done yet?

Fine, whatever

Caedmon at 6 weeks

Looking Out the Window...

...while standing on the back of the couch!

(we've had some trucks working nearby and he's enthralled!)

Reading is Fun Just About Anywhere!:)

King of the Diaper Mound!:)

Brushing Teeth

So Sweet When Asleep:)

She always has her little hand up by her face/cheek when she sleeps! I think this is where her hands were while she was in my womb.:)

My Little Sister/ "Baby"

He loves to run into our room and pester the poor girl while she's sleeping. Usually he takes her blanket and then tries to put it back on her. Most of the time, it's the younger siblings who are the annoyance, but I guess it starts out with the older ones!:)

Daddy/Daughter Time:)

Living Under Our Front Porch...:/

...but Caedmon thinks it's way cool. So I'm trying to be a good mommy and not show my utter dislike and fear of it! Actually, there are two!


I've been on the look out for a bench to put in our tiny entryway. Corey complains about how difficult it is to put his shoes on, so before he goes for the velcro and looks really old, I found a bench that fits perfectly and has storage space! It's also really nice for putting Caedmon's shoes on!
Caedmon has a blast with it and sometimes mistakes it for the trash can when I ask him to throw something away.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Diapers, Diapers and More Diapers

There are times in life when people overwhelm and humble you with their kindness and generosity and this evening we experienced such a moment! Our neighbors up the road, who are becoming good friends, stopped by tonight with the back of their truck loaded! They got together with their friends, people we don't know and have never met, and took up a collection to buy us a year's worth of diapers! What a blessing! Words can't describe...

It is beautiful when you see the face of Jesus in the people around you!


Fun with Dirt

Not sure how it ended up sprinkled on his nose...:)
(he's looking in the mirror)

Naked Time!:)

Miss Carys is her mother's daughter! She turns beet red when she's hot. It wasn't really that warm last night, but she was warm and so I took off her outfit to cool her down. I love naked babies!:)

Strawberry Muffins

I picked 27 1/2 pounds of strawberries in the last two weeks. I froze most of them and am looking forward to smoothies and bread and such! With the fresh ones I left out I made strawberry pancakes and then Caedmon helped me make muffins. It was a fun project to do together, inspired by my friend who blogged about making Amish Friendship Bread as a family.
Caedmon enjoyed himself! I had to catch him before he ate a spoonful of the batter, batter that wasn't even finished yet!:)

They turned out delicious!:)

4th of July Weekend

We went up to Corey's folks' for July 4th weekend. Caedmon talks about Papa and Nana and "kitty kitty" (they have a cat) all the time, so it's always fun to go and see them. And they always take such good care of us - I feel like a kid being spoiled while I'm there!:) It was a lovely weekend!

Nana lovin' on Miss Carys

Sharing the love:)

Caedmon got his first fishing pole on the way up north!

Off to the creek to try it out!

Waiting for the parade to begin

(Ben, I wasn't trying to copy your photography, but how'd I do?:))

Miss Carys in her festive hat hanging out in the sling with me:)

Holding his bag to collect candy in -
not too much made it in there - not that I minded:)

At least one sucker did:)

Hanging out in the backyard after a nap

Playing with dada

We went over to some friends the evening of the 4th -
they had their third baby 2 1/2 weeks after Carys was born -
it's fun being at the same stage with children!

We decided not to brave the fireworks with Caedmon, which frustrated Nana, but he likes his routine and doesn't do too well when it gets past his bedtime! So Miss Carys and I went with Nana to the fireworks while Corey and Dad held down the fort with Caedmon and Nascar:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Month Old

Carys at one month

At her one month check up
she weighed 9 lbs.13oz and measured 22in -
she's definitely eating well!:)

Caedmon at one month

( I've discovered I wasn't very good about
taking time frame pics with him:/)

Family Time

Sunday afternoon Corey lets me know what the plan is for the evening: pizza at the park, ice cream at our local ice cream shop and a movie after Caedmon's in bed. He didn't get any argument from me!!! It was a lovely evening! I love hanging out with my family!:)

Bein' Sweet

My Fishie:)

He's become quite the character in the bathtub - very hyper! His latest is jumping and falling and then announcing "fall!" I know this could be dangerous, but I guess natural consequences will put an end to it...maybe... And he's discovered took awhile!

Carys' "Hat"

Caedmon pulled a breast pad out of the laundry basket and placed it on Carys' head all the while saying, "hat." I love how his mind works - he makes me laugh!:)