Monday, September 21, 2009


Carys' legs are always moving! She's not always very content in the sling and I think it's because her legs are all cramped. She loves to kick the toys that dangle on her bouncy seat!

Veggies From Our Garden

We attempted a garden for the first time this year. Corey did all the work, even started composting! Our soil isn't the best, but our plants grew and we got some produce! It was pretty exciting when we started picking the fruits of our (his) labor! I've been freezing the zuccini and summer squash so we can saute it throughout the winter and I'm planning to try and make spaghetti sauce with our tomatoes. Our green peppers never grew so I bought a ton at the farmer's market and diced and sliced and put them into my freezer. I would like to do a lot more, but decided perhaps I should wait till my kids are slightly older before I do too much. And I might just run out of freezer room! Who would've thought!:)


Caedmon, for the most part, loves his baby sister, and Carys , for the most part, loves her big brother.:) I love to watch him talk to her and see her face light up with a smile!


Caedmon finally came into the little boy stage of trucks and tractors! And if you ever hear him shout, "Papa truck!", that would be a garbage truck - his grandpa owns a garbage company and drives a garbage truck.

My Beautiful Little Girl

She seems to love clutching things in her hands, so I've started giving her some little stuffed animals and blankets to hold onto.

Thanks Tia Martha for this snuggly toy!:)

Hot Dogs and Friends

We were home on Labor Day, and the friends that had come up to visit had to leave by noon and I was all bummed 'cause I'd planned out meals for the day and was looking forward to having friends for the whole day. I told Corey we couldn't sit around by ourselves on Labor Day, so we made a few phone calls and had a nice time hanging out with more friends and their children!

One of the parents, a soccer coach:), got out the soccer ball and starting playing with the kids. His four year old and seven year old sons both play. We'll see how soon Corey gets Caedmon onto a team!:)

Trying to take advantage of the nice weather while we can!:)

The guys

Loving on Carys...

...and giving me a break!:)

3 Months

I'm really behind on my posting!:/ She turned 3 months on September 3rd. Goodness, she's almost 4 months now!

At 3 months:

during tummy time, she holds her head up very well. I don't even support her head when I'm holding her upright - she's quite strong and doesn't even wobble too much anymore.

while on the floor on her back she will turn herself around in a complete circle! She's my active one! Caedmon's still pretty mellow!:) And she's so close to rolling over, if that arm would just get out of the way.

she's still cranky and still spitting up like crazy!

loves her thumb when she can find it and the pacifier

sleeping an average of 8 hours at night!

Carys at 3 months

Caedmon at 3 months

Just Like the Good Old Days

We had some friends come up and visit us on Labor Day. We used to hang out all the time when we lived downstate, and then we moved and the moved... I miss those days! It was fun to reminisce as we did some of the same things we used, play games and chat!:)

Startled Easily


Startled by the camera...

...and back to sleep

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Picking Peaches

Yesterday we went peach picking. The season's almost over and Corey is busy all week, so I decided to try taking both kids. It went just fine! I forgot my sling, so I just left Carys in her car seat and put her in the stroller. We were able to drive right up to the orchard, so we didn't have to walk a long distance. Caedmon enjoyed picking up peaches off the ground and I had to keep a close eye on the basket to make sure we didn't pay for rotting peaches! He picked a few off the trees as well. It was my first time picking peaches and it was so much easier than any of the other fruit I've picked this year because they're just so much bigger than strawberries, cherries, and blueberries (blueberries take the longest!). It took about a half hour of slow picking to fill a half bushel basket. Now I'm waiting for them to ripen and then I'm going to freeze them. Hopefully it all works! The other fruits I've picked and frozen have been wonderful in smoothies mostly and blueberries in oatmeal and pancakes are really good too! I've enjoyed filling my freezer!



Dada and Carys

Dada and Caedmon

Hangin' Out

Friends and Coffee Shops

I went to Petoskey last Saturday to meet up with some friends I used to work with. One of them moved up here before I did, and even farther north. The other is still downstate. Mary Jo and I decided that we don't really want to move back downstate, we just want all our friends to move up here!:) I so miss my friends!

Mary Jo with Carys

Cindie with Carys


Tummy Time

Look at my strong little girl!
I'll have to find some pics of Caedmon doing this;
I'm pretty sure he was much older!

My Beautiful Little Girl


A few days ago your brother and I watched you wake up from a long night's sleep. I love to watch you wake up in the morning! You are so beautiful! I say "good morning Sunshine" and you stretch and smile up at me. I've been wanting to tell you this for awhile now. As I watch you wake up like this, my heart is filled with love and joy all over again!

I love you, beautiful daughter of mine!

Cute Faces

I love it when her little lips for an "o"!
Corey was telling Caedmon the other day
that she looked like a baboon - poor girl!


Mikaela, this one's for you!:)

My Little Thumb Sucker

Quality Time