Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping Up With Big Bro

She got in by herself AND back out again, at opposite ends as well!

Using Utensils Already!

Well, not in the traditional sense I guess.:) She had to have her own!

Playing in the Snow

Corey had planned on taking Caedmon outside,
but I asked to go out instead - I love playing in the snow!:)

Watching TV

I don't purposefully put Carys in front of the TV, but she inevitably watches it when it's on. They were up at the same time and Caedmon asked to hold her as he often does. So, she shouldn't be watching TV, but it was an awful cute picture!:)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Naked Baby on the Loose

Carys seemed to be enjoying her few moments of clothing freedom before I dressed her the other day and Caedmon thought it was fun too!

Quick Story along the lines of being naked:
Last night, I was feeding Carys in her room before bed, in the dark, and since Corey wasn't here Caedmon thought he had to join us. He didn't mind the dark, but he was sitting right next to me and playing around with Carys (yes, while she was eating - he wasn't very helpful!) when he discovered my exposed belly and announced in a high falsetto, "naked naked." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Caedmon Help Mama"

I hear this phrase often from my little man. It's not always a good thing, in my perspective anyway. :) I walked away for a minute and turned around to find this. He didn't do too badly! And she didn't seem to mind.

Putting Up the Tree

'Here daddy, you forgot this branch.'

Saturday morning(12/5), Caedmon was up by 6:30am,
so went right to work with lights and ornaments.

He's more intrigued by all the decorations this year.:)

Getting Our Christmas Tree


Trees were really expensive this year! The cheapest kind they had, they didn't have many for cutting down yourself and those they did have were too big...so, sniff sniff, we walked back to the front lot and bought a tree already cut and tied up and ready to go. It turned out to be a pretty little tree and my first year with a scotch pine. We didn't quite uphold the tradition (one Corey was more than happy to forgo) but at least we got out and got a real one. The year I succumb to a fake tree will be a sad year indeed!!!

6 Months and Solids

Carys turned 6 months on Dec. 3rd. She's such a big girl! I don't have any 6 month pictures because we had them taken...perhaps I'll scan them one of these days and post them. She bit her lower lip and ate her feet through the entire photo shoot. She was a lot more work trying to get a smile than Caedmon, but we did get smiles and they were big! Their 6 month photos truly show their personalities! Caedmon's smiles are easy and laid back; Carys' are huge and all energy!:)

On Friday, Dec. 4th, we started solids. She made some faces, but on the whole I think she liked it and has continued to like cereal. I need to start veggies soon! I figured she'd take to solids pretty well since she wants to be a big girl so badly!

Saturday evening I texted Corey with the exciting news that she had crawled. Not on her hands and knees, but more of the army crawl. Still, she was getting where she wanted to go without rolling! He informed me she's done this the night before, but since it wasn't truly crawling, he didn't know it was exciting! Goodness! So at 6 months she has accomplished something Caedmon didn't do till he was 10 months. The differences between children are so interesting! Glad I had the slow one first or I might have worried!

She continues to be somewhat cranky, but on the whole, her mood is improving. I find out yesterday when I took only her shopping with me that she seems calmer when it's just her. We got home and I heard fussing for the first time that day - Caedmon gets in her space and annoys her! Watch out Caedmon, 'cause soon enough she'll be doing the annoying!:)

She wants everything we have - forget all those baby toys! We wonder sometimes why we even have them. The TV remote control is a whole lot more fun!

She's still spitting, but I suppose it's about average - not too bad for her anyway. More than she had been doing in the last month, but not intolerable.

We go to the doctor on the 22nd, but she was weighed and measured on the 8th - 16lbs. and 26 1/4 inches. She was last weighed and measured at the end of Oct. She didn't gain a whole lot and didn't appear to grow at all and she was at about the 50% on the charts and there was some question about her growth, but the nurse seemed confused by it all since she was in the 95% the last time for her height...so I'm just waiting to see what the doctor says. 'Cause she certainly seems to be growing just fine!

She cries to be fed, so I better end this post - I think she's saying 'enough about me already!' :)

Start 'Em Early

So far Carys enjoys the taste of books more than anything, but hopefully she'll have a love for reading like her brother and parents do!:)

Christmas PJ's

Thanks Grandma for the pj's!:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr. Ducky is Back!

We had to resurrect the ducky tub, as Carys was getting big for the baby tub and I thought the ducky tub would cover her little body with more water so she wouldn't freeze during bath time. But it's such an effort to give her a bath now 'cause she kicks and splashes and falls over the entire time!

Caedmon couldn't resist joining her the first time, but I've been pretty adamant that it's only for Carys since! She didn't like her space being crowded!

Thanksgiving Weekend

If you mention Grandma and Papa, Caedmon automatically asks about the "kitty kitty!" He loves that cat...not sure the feelings are mutual!

Cousin Vivian with Carys

Caedmon got his birthday present from Grandma.

Grandma and Carys

Papa and Caedmon

Papa and Carys

Aunt Sally and Carys

Eating the Thanksgiving meal -
we ate at Tony's (Corey's step-brother) restaurant
and he did all the cooking! It was excellent!

Helping daddy clean up after the feast

Aunt Jessica and Carys

Everyone wants to hold the baby!:)

Grandma Sabel and Carys

Aunt Jean with Carys

Cousin Henry enjoying baby Carys

Cousin Maria and Caedmon playing outside

Nothing like hot chocolate to warm up!

Hanging out in the kitchen with GrandmaWe were able to visit Grandpa LeCureux while up north.
I haven't seen him since before we were married, so he'd never met our children.
It was good to catch up a little and get a four generation pic taken as well!:)