Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

If you mention Grandma and Papa, Caedmon automatically asks about the "kitty kitty!" He loves that cat...not sure the feelings are mutual!

Cousin Vivian with Carys

Caedmon got his birthday present from Grandma.

Grandma and Carys

Papa and Caedmon

Papa and Carys

Aunt Sally and Carys

Eating the Thanksgiving meal -
we ate at Tony's (Corey's step-brother) restaurant
and he did all the cooking! It was excellent!

Helping daddy clean up after the feast

Aunt Jessica and Carys

Everyone wants to hold the baby!:)

Grandma Sabel and Carys

Aunt Jean with Carys

Cousin Henry enjoying baby Carys

Cousin Maria and Caedmon playing outside

Nothing like hot chocolate to warm up!

Hanging out in the kitchen with GrandmaWe were able to visit Grandpa LeCureux while up north.
I haven't seen him since before we were married, so he'd never met our children.
It was good to catch up a little and get a four generation pic taken as well!:)

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