Friday, April 9, 2010

Daddy's Idea of Fun:)

I'm in the kitchen and all I hear is this giggling coming from Caedmon. I go out there to see what all the fun is and find Corey throwing a large pillow at Caedmon and Caedmon hitting the floor with the force of it. And he kept getting back up for more!

Daddy getting ready for the throw...

...he's hit! And hits the floor, but I didn't capture that on film.

And he cleverly dodges the pillow!!

10 Months Old

Wow, my baby's growing up!

She hasn't had anymore teeth pop through - the count is still 6.

She's cruising now, along the furniture and pretty much anything. She stands on her own and has really good balance. I think walking may be around the corner, although she's not attempting to take any steps toward us when she's standing by herself.

The other day one of her toys was playing music (the angel, Aunt Christy :) ) and she was dancing to it. Pretty cute!

This morning, I wasn't able to get in the shower before she got up, so she sat in her little high chair in the bathroom, and when she started getting a little fussy, I started singing and she joined in!

She's definitely saying ma or mama and I'm still convinced she knows what she's saying. She's saying her own version of dada - she'll repeat after us, but it's not crystal clear.

She continues to exhibit major separation anxiety. She'll turn her head away when people talk to her. She's such a stinker. But last night I babysat two children, ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2, and she was actually quite social with them, following them around and not needing me to be in sight! I was rather excited by this!

Sometimes she'll take off to one of the bedrooms and play, or get into things, all by herself. And she and Caedmon play together well when he decides not to push her around. And even then, sometimes she finds this funny. She's a tough cookie, taking it in stride when her brother body slams her to the floor! Just watch out Caedmon - her day is coming!:)

She won't sit still for her pictures anymore.

Carys at 10 months
I LOVE this picture!:)

Caedmon at 10 months

Why Do We Buy Toys?

Corey's New Look

Sorry dear!
Corey went to a 30th birthday party last weekend,
and the stipulation for the guys was they all had to have a mustache only.
Needless to say, Corey shaved the mustache off the next morning (Easter Sunday)
and he looked like the guy I married on our wedding day!


Today, April 9th, our flowers are shivering under the snow. Poor things. They should know not to trust Michigan warmth in late March and early April!

Crib Time

Yes, he climbed in all by himself.
She was waking up from her nap.

Great Stripes!

Lovin' the pj's and the bare pigger toes!:)

Teaching Them Young!

Helping mama sort recyclables

Mommy is a Jungle Gym!

Gotta love naked babies! And that smile!:)


Keelie Update :)

I realized that in all my posts of the kids, I never post any life updates.

Corey and I have been looking for part time work to supplement his income. I had applied for a Census Bureau job and finally got a call and was hired for 4 weeks. I was so excited to have something...anything! Actually, I'm at my job right now as I type this - yeah, it's real difficult!:) This is the first year that the Census Bureau has set up Questionnaire Answer Centers in areas where they've had a low return rate so people can come in and get help filling out their form. My center has not gone over so well...I think I've seen about 3 people. I work two, eight hour days a week, and as boring as it is to sit in a room all day by myself, I'm getting paid and right now that matters! Plus, I'm getting lots of blogging and reading done!:)

Shortly after I was hired for this job, I saw a sign in our local coffee shop's window saying they were hiring, so I applied. I was hired 15 min after I turned in my application! I start training in a couple weeks.

I'm so thankful that my job will be right in town, flexible, and I know the owners and people that work there. I'm thankful that Corey's work is flexible so one of us can be with the kids - if not for that, an extra job wouldn't be feasible 'cause it'd cost more for childcare, and I wouldn't want to go that route anyway. And I'm very grateful for the extra income!:)

Auntie Heather's Visit

Heather came up on a Friday evening and left Sunday night, so it was a quick visit, but we packed a lot in!

Heather is my shopping buddy...we're actually bad for each other. I was in the mood to shop and since I'd just received my first paycheck and with starting my Moka job soon, I needed some new clothes. Now, I've made do with what I have and I'm always fully clothed.:) But I haven't had a job that I've needed to look presentable for in a long time and I haven't bought new clothes since before my kids...and bodies change after children. :)

Corey wasn't able to watch the children, so we braved shopping with BOTH of them! It went fairly well, with a couple melt downs by Carys. Caedmon was, for the most part, happy to tag along with Heather, playing hide and seek in Goodwill and hanging out in the dressing rooms with her in Kohls. He especially enjoyed the mall with the carousel and playground.

We left shortly after 9am and didn't get home till 4pm. It was definitely a long day, but fun!

There is always time for a book!
Caedmon was being especially cuddly.