Friday, April 9, 2010

Auntie Heather's Visit

Heather came up on a Friday evening and left Sunday night, so it was a quick visit, but we packed a lot in!

Heather is my shopping buddy...we're actually bad for each other. I was in the mood to shop and since I'd just received my first paycheck and with starting my Moka job soon, I needed some new clothes. Now, I've made do with what I have and I'm always fully clothed.:) But I haven't had a job that I've needed to look presentable for in a long time and I haven't bought new clothes since before my kids...and bodies change after children. :)

Corey wasn't able to watch the children, so we braved shopping with BOTH of them! It went fairly well, with a couple melt downs by Carys. Caedmon was, for the most part, happy to tag along with Heather, playing hide and seek in Goodwill and hanging out in the dressing rooms with her in Kohls. He especially enjoyed the mall with the carousel and playground.

We left shortly after 9am and didn't get home till 4pm. It was definitely a long day, but fun!

There is always time for a book!
Caedmon was being especially cuddly.

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