Thursday, November 29, 2007

Off the Charts

Caedmon had his two months doctor appointment yesterday. It was not a fun one - he received 5 vaccinations.:( He screamed, and it was his "this hurts, what are you doing to me?!" scream. I almost cried with him. I keep wondering if we did the right thing and feel like I should have done more research. I know quite a few people who have opted out of vaccinations, and my family, immediate and extended, didn't get them growing up. On top of putting all those foreign things into his body yesterday, we had to give him Tylenol last night to help with the pain.:( Poor baby!

But I guess there was a fun part to the visit. He weighed 14lbs.6oz. and measured 25 3/4 inches long! The doctor always brings up a scale to show where he is percentile wise. I'm told he's in a percentile all his own! His weight is at least near the 5th percentile, but his height is off the charts! Doc says he's going to be tall. I wonder if at some point he'll slow down and let all the other kids his age catch up, or if he'll just keep going!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My husband was asked for his resignation from our church this Monday. I did not see this coming! I always thought Corey would be the one to decide when it was time to leave.

The last few months, I've felt such a strong sense of family there! I've been attending the church for over 5 years now and Corey's been associate pastor for 3. I think Corey's talked about being done ever since he started, and there were times I was ready to leave as well. Funny thing is, he was finally feeling like things were really going well and I was feeling like I could never leave the family that I've found. And then this...

I'm utterly lost! I balled my eyes out Monday night, felt kind of numb yesterday and balled again tonight at youth group. I feel like I'm losing my family! I am.

The youth seemed lost after hearing the news, and it breaks my heart!

I've done a lot of moving and gone through many changes, many churches since college. Each change was made smoothly, with an anticipation of the adventure. Saying good-bye was always sad, but not too difficult. Perhaps that's how it is when you're young and single.

But I've gone through the most changes in my life just since I've been at Bethel. Changes spiritually, theologically, and personally. I got married in that church, became "the wife of the associate pastor", met one of my best friends, had my first baby... I can't believe how much of my life has happened in that church!

And I don't want to start over. I'm not that young, single girl anymore. I was perfectly content with my life, and now my life has been thrown topsy-turvy.

God has a plan. He has to. But he never makes sense! At first anyway.

It hurts. It hurts real bad. And it makes me think that as a wife of a man in ministry, I should keep my relationships shallow, because inevitably you'll leave the church at some point, and with it all those friendships. Maybe you don't have to leave all the friendships, but it's just not the same when you no longer are working side by side with a common goal.

I love my Bethel family. I truly don't know what I'm going to do without them.

Tree Hunting

It has become tradition to cut our own Christmas tree down. We've done it since our first year of marriage. A tradition that Corey puts up a fuss about every year, but goes along with it for my sake.:) The last two years we've gone with some friends of ours, Keith and Amy. This year we added a couple more people - Heather (my dearest friend!) and... CAEDMON!:) He, of course, had absolutely no idea what he was apart of and slept through all of it, despite the fact that it was quite cold and windy and mom and dad left his face exposed to the elements.:/ But the rest of his body was quite toasty thanks to a gift from Corey's aunt!:) Anyway, much fun had by all!

Corey with our little bear.:) Keith in the background.

The gang.

We found our tree!


We had a nice Thanksgiving - went up to Corey's parents. It was our first long road trip with Caedmon and he is excellent in the car! He passed out right away, even though it'd been about 2 hours since his last feeding when we got started. He went 5 hours between feedings! We didn't have to stop till Grayling, about 2 1/2 hours up!
Corey's step-mom treated us like the king and queen. When dad greeted us when we first got there, he got down on his knees and addressed us as Corey's step-sister and family have been living with them for almost a year now due to their house burning down. So there wasn't a lot of room and we planned to get a hotel. But his parents gave up their bedroom to sleep in the kid's room. So we had ample room and our own bathroom, which Sarah made her vanity into a changing table as well.

This is Corey's dad with his 2 biological grandchildren. Maria is Corey's brother's little girl. We found out this weekend that not only is Caedmon the first grandchild to carry on the LeCureux name, but he's also the first great-grandchild to do so! Wow!:)

Here's Sarah (Corey's step-mom) with Caedmon. Good thing she doesn't read this blog - she scolded us all weekend for taking her picture! She held him every chance she got.:)

This of course is me with Caedmon and Henry (Corey's step-sister's little boy). He's quite an aggressive little guy, but he was a lover with Caedmon - was constantly giving him kisses. It was so sweet!:)


I had my job interview for the interpreter/parapro position in Holland last Wednesday. I think the interview went well. I answer questions very honestly, meaning I don't do any They asked me why I was interesting in the job... My answer: "Well, to be perfectly honest, it's the only job out there with the title interpreter." After I said the first part, they cut in with "it's a job" and laughed. So anyway, regardless, I think it went well. But they told me at the end that they really want someone full time and they had people interested in taking it as a full time job. So, I'm not really expecting I'll get it.:( We'll see. Still haven't heard back from them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Been Awhile

It's been awhile! Life has been kind of crazy this last week and this week is Thanksgiving! Where does time go?! It doesn't feel like the holiday season yet. Perhaps it's the lack of cold weather. Most people become depressed because of the cold weather and snow - I get depressed when we don't have a good Michigan winter! Last year was bad; I hope this year isn't a repeat!

I have an interview on Wednesday for an interpreting job in Holland (MI):). It's a full time job, but I wrote in my cover letter that I am only available for part time. The fact that I have an interview I think is a good sign. We'll see. I would like to get the job, even though I've become quite comfortable with life as it is!

We're going up north to spend Thanksgiving with Corey's parents.

Just thought I'd write real quick to let everyone know I'm still here - we're all alive and well...but Caedmon got sick the end of last week.:( Don't know how that happened! Talk about feeling ignorant! I didn't know what to do for him, so I had to make a few phone calls. It's just a cold - he's congested in his nose and it's draining into his throat. I think he's getting better - he didn't sound too bad today. I feel so sorry for him!


Hopefully I'll have time to post some pictures and write more next week!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

6 Weeks Old

How big is Caedmon? ...... So big!:)

As of Thursday, we graduated to the next size in clothing - 3/6 months. He doesn't fill them out in bulk, but he definitely does in length!

We've also been sleeping longer at night...hallelujah! Our pattern has been 5 - 6 hours to start and then 3 - 4. I'm feeling much better with more consistent sleep!

B & N

Last night Caedmon took his first trip to Barnes and Noble. With mommy and daddy of course! And we just couldn't leave without purchasing a book. The first line of this great book is: "I am your parent; you are my child. I am your quiet place; you are my wild."

Baby Shower

The church threw me a baby shower. Here's the last of us, still hangin' around chatting. It was such a nice shower! They did gift cards instead of gifts since I already have everything big. I just have to keep up with my ever growing boy in clothing and diapers. So the gift cards/money was a great idea! Elaine was in charge and she did such a cool thing with the center pieces for the tables. Last week at youth group, we had the sex talk, so the middle schoolers had to go else where and Elaine and a couple other youth leaders took them to Barnes and Noble. She told everyone to go pick out children's books for my shower. What a cool idea! Along with a book also sat a ball of some sort - basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball. Caedmon is all set...with books and sports equipment! And we have gift cards galore, which will help immensely for the next few months!

First Halloween

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine. I actually caught myself looking at costumes for Caedmon, but in the end, just went with an outfit he already had. Decided the whole family would be Michigan Wolverine fans (I knew I wouldn't get Corey into any kind of a costume anyway...the Cat in the Hat was a little too much for him last year).:)