Thursday, November 29, 2007

Off the Charts

Caedmon had his two months doctor appointment yesterday. It was not a fun one - he received 5 vaccinations.:( He screamed, and it was his "this hurts, what are you doing to me?!" scream. I almost cried with him. I keep wondering if we did the right thing and feel like I should have done more research. I know quite a few people who have opted out of vaccinations, and my family, immediate and extended, didn't get them growing up. On top of putting all those foreign things into his body yesterday, we had to give him Tylenol last night to help with the pain.:( Poor baby!

But I guess there was a fun part to the visit. He weighed 14lbs.6oz. and measured 25 3/4 inches long! The doctor always brings up a scale to show where he is percentile wise. I'm told he's in a percentile all his own! His weight is at least near the 5th percentile, but his height is off the charts! Doc says he's going to be tall. I wonder if at some point he'll slow down and let all the other kids his age catch up, or if he'll just keep going!


kathy said...

He is sooooo cute-- I just want to kiss his little cheeks!!!

Baby Love said...

Wow, what a big boy! We have our 6 month check up on December 19th, so we will see how much Christopher has grown. It's hard when they get their vaccinations; I have felt emotional both times now. It's scary to think about what we are putting into our children, but I figure that these vaccinations have cured life threatening diseases and do more benefits than harm. I think of all the children in 3rd world countries that do not have these vaccinations, and I know that they are more susceptible to death and illness.

gary said...

Keelie, I remember every single one of Parker's vaccination appointments. I fully understand that feeling of wondering if you did the right thing. It usually takes a couple weeks before I become confident that Parker is still the same, precious little boy he was before. These are the things I go through after his vaccinations:

- Will he still smile like he used to?
- Will he still be as observant?
- Will he still look cute?
- How does he feel?

and I watch him closely. I remember once thinking that the vaccination had truly changed him. He ran a fever for several days and cried a lot. I started to get angry at the thought that my son would be the one in three hundred who develop autism, and I was sure that it would have been avoided by passing up the vaccination.

I don't remember when those feelings subsided, but the truth is I'm a concerned parent. These feelings are normal. When I know I'd give my life for his well-being, I tend to be overly-concerned about him.

If it makes you feel any better, Keelie, I did the vaccination research thuroughly. I also decided to move forward with them knowing the risks. My ultimate reason was, "he's a phillips, and he can handle them."

Parker is perfectly fine in every way. He is healthy, intelligent, and surprisingly good looking.

I think that when we love our children so intimately, their bodies respond with general health and well-being. My bet is that everything with Caedmon will be fine!

Thanks for the post!

Joey said...

I'll never forget the "mustache lady" at the Oneida County Courthouse. Giving me a shot AND having a mustache...she didn't have a chance!

Good to see the pics of Caedmon and your little family! Though I wouldn't trade my place in life right now for anything, I do look forward to being in your shoes and having a little guy of my own. :)

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of and praying (not just saying it as a cliche, but actually praying...) for you and Corey and Caedmon. I was forced to resign a job just over a year ago. Granted, I wanted to leave it anyway, I was single, and I was able to find a new and better job within two weeks, so I don't pretend to know what it's like to be in your shoes, but I can at least care.

Anyway, I love you guys and look forward to seeing how everything pans out in the weeks ahead.

keithslady said...

Joey told me about this site, and OH WHAT A CUTIE!! And I agree with you Keelie, he DOES look like your baby pictures, but there's still something unmistakably Corey about him. Such a doll. I think I'm going to have to plan a trip..... :)
Aunt Cindy

Keelie said...

Hi guys - family of mine.:) Thanks Joey for the love and concern! Rough times right now, but we'll make it through. Perhaps an adventure is ahead!:)

Gary, thanks for sharing your father's heart!

Baby love, for the insight!

Joey said...

Hey, adventures can be loads of fun! (Okay, a bit of juvenile enthusiasm, I know, but optimistic nonetheless.)

What I've loved about times like these is the fact that things can only look up, and the "adventure" in that reality is great.