Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Shower

The church threw me a baby shower. Here's the last of us, still hangin' around chatting. It was such a nice shower! They did gift cards instead of gifts since I already have everything big. I just have to keep up with my ever growing boy in clothing and diapers. So the gift cards/money was a great idea! Elaine was in charge and she did such a cool thing with the center pieces for the tables. Last week at youth group, we had the sex talk, so the middle schoolers had to go else where and Elaine and a couple other youth leaders took them to Barnes and Noble. She told everyone to go pick out children's books for my shower. What a cool idea! Along with a book also sat a ball of some sort - basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball. Caedmon is all set...with books and sports equipment! And we have gift cards galore, which will help immensely for the next few months!

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friend said...

LOVE the pictures:) Keep'm coming:)