Saturday, October 18, 2008

Enjoying a Beautiful Afternoon!


Another first for the little man! We went to the last high school football game in town. We only made it through the first half, but it definitely wasn't a nail biter with a score of 42-0 at halftime (and that was not in our favor!:/). It was a late night for Caedmon, but I needed to get out and do something regardless of bedtime!:) He came very close to falling asleep in my arms (he hasn't done this for probably 6 months)! He did fall asleep as soon as we got him in the car though!

Outside...and in Shoes!:)

Well, so much for the need for shoes!:)

First Pair of Shoes

Yeah, crazy I know. His first pair of real shoes and he's over a year old! But seriously, we could NOT find shoes that fit him! He has fat little feet! I was thrilled to find shoes at a little Boutique in town! He can now go outside, even when it's wet!

Ice Cream!

A couple weeks ago Corey was gone with the car and I thought it was a good evening for a trip to our local ice cream shop. So I called up the girls from our church and they came out and picked up Caedmon and me. It was my first time at the ice cream shop in town. It's a lovely little place! I love small towns!:)
It was also Caedmon's first time trying ice cream! Despite the face, he loved it and wanted more. I think the coldness had him screwing his face up.:)
We had a good time hanging out!

Hmmm, not sure about sitting between two girls?:)

Boy, it looks like it tastes awful!

Silly girls!

He's quite nosy!:)

Taking Walks

We live on a highway, so we're very grateful that we're next to a side street that only 13 families live on! It provides a beautiful and quiet place to take a walk!

Animal Love:)

When we had some older children over, I got some of the toys from the basement that Caedmon wasn't yet playing with. And I discovered that he is growing up and ready to play with some of the "big boy" toys! My aunt sent us home with lots more goodies after we visited in July. This farm was one of them and Caedmon loves it! Corey and I are starting to wonder if Caedmon is going to do something with animals one day - he LOVES his animal books and the farm!
It's so cute to watch him play with it on his own, and with such concentration!

And then, as with everything else, he uses it as a walker!:)

Fun in the Kitchen!

Caedmon enjoys playing in the kitchen while I cook, do dishes, or put dishes away. I went running for the camera when he decided that one drawer at a time was not enough fun!:)


I babysat for some friends for a few hours and it was great to have a little friend Caedmon could play with! They did really well together and we had a good time!

And the Fun Begins...

He has discovered his nose...yay.
I was thinking the other day how it's kind of interesting that our fingers are always just the right size to fit right up in there...okay, sorry, that was gross...these are the things that I now think about as a mother...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Cruising

And anything that will help him walk...well, it's fair game!:)


Caedmon has the cruising thing down. He's all over the place now! He pulls himself up using anything he can get his hands on, whether that be another child, inanimate objects, or...the dog!:)

Dump Truck Fun

I think mommy enjoys the dump truck as much as Caedmon does! It's so much fun to push him around in it and watch him smile and laugh!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Caedmon's First Birthday!

I cannot believe my baby boy is a year old already! Where does the time go?! As Corey said to our friends and family as we got the party underway on Saturday, it has been the best year of our lives! We are truly blessed! It's amazing to me the fierce love I feel for that little guy!

The party was a lot of fun, for us anyway. Caedmon, I think, was a little overwhelmed by it all. And I'm just glad they only come once a year!:)

The birthday hats...

The decorations...

Corey's idea and I had fun putting it together -

pictures from birth to nowCan you tell what it is?:)

He's not too sure of what's going on!

Getting a taste...

Ooo, this is fun!

There's a smile!

Opening presents...

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the party, for the presents you brought (he's enjoying them!), and for those of you who sent cards and money! He'll enjoy the pictures and stories one day!:)

Becoming a Part of the Community

Every year, the town of Bellaire hosts a Scarecrow Festival and the area businesses that belong to the Chamber of Commerce make scarecrows that represent what they do and set them outside their business. Then during the festival there is judging and a winner is picked. A news channel even does a story on them! Yes, that's the kind of thing we do up here for fun!:)
So when Corey let me know that we were asked to make a scarecrow, I thought, how in the world am I going to do that?! But I found some help and we at least made an effort!:)
Our theme was basically "Jesus loves the little children," with a verse from the Gospels about letting the children come to Him because the kingdom belongs to people like them.