Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Becoming a Part of the Community

Every year, the town of Bellaire hosts a Scarecrow Festival and the area businesses that belong to the Chamber of Commerce make scarecrows that represent what they do and set them outside their business. Then during the festival there is judging and a winner is picked. A news channel even does a story on them! Yes, that's the kind of thing we do up here for fun!:)
So when Corey let me know that we were asked to make a scarecrow, I thought, how in the world am I going to do that?! But I found some help and we at least made an effort!:)
Our theme was basically "Jesus loves the little children," with a verse from the Gospels about letting the children come to Him because the kingdom belongs to people like them.


Anonymous said...
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Keithslady said...

I love those kinds of quirky community things. Remember when they tried to make Rediculous Day into Re-duck-ulous day and have a rubber ducky race from the Davenport Bridge? That wasn't a good kind of quirky. I like your scarecrow idea.

The VanderZwaag's said...

Interesting things you guys do up there!! Just kidding!!! You did a better job then I did!!! :) Are you dressing Caedmon up for Halloween??

Keelie said...

Aunt Cindy - they do a rubber ducky thing up here too, from the bridge! It seems to be a big hit. I wasn't here for that.

Rachel - I got a full body giraffe costume at Goodwill quite awhile ago hoping it would fit him come Halloween - it's 24 months, which is what he's about in, so I'm planning on it. Don't know if we'll do something at the church, or actually go out trick-or- treating.