Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making Friends and Getting Out!

Caedmon and I went to an apple orchard this week with some friends! Yes, we already have friends here; isn't that wonderful! One of the other pastors in town is our age, married and has two kids! We've really hit it off great! I'm on a bowling league with them as well...that's another story! (Not a very good bowler...they may wish they'd found someone else!)
Anyway, my friend invited me to got with a group of moms and kids to an apple orchard and I jumped at the chance! I've always said I couldn't wait to have kids so I could do these fun things!:)

Caedmon had lots of firsts that day! I gave him an apple spear hoping he'd just eat the pulp, but he ate the whole thing skin and all and didn't even choke! Yes, I know, first time mom, overly worried... Now I know that he's probably fine with lots of foods!
He also got to try cherry juice - my first sip and I cringed at the tartness! He loved it and didn't want to stop drinking! He also got it on his clothes as well as mine...those should be fun stains to get out!:(

And he got to be around other kids! We need to work on some of his social kids - attempting to pull girls' hair and pulling their shirts are not very good manners! But for the most part, he did great! And we had a blast!

Notice the cherry juice on the mouth corners and sweatshirt!

Glad to finally be out of the sling!

Enjoying friends and apples!:)

He didn't actually get a bite out of it.

Enjoying a picnic lunch!


Anonymous said...

I love fresh apples - can't beat them.
Also a fan of cherry juice - CherryPharm is the best tastin - I give my girls the "Fruit" version of CherryPharm - they love it! (oldest is the same asge as yours!)



Anonymous said...

yea right I have seen you bowl "miss competive" just whipping that ball down there:-)
Have you met my cousins yet?
they live @ 302 Seneca in Bellaire
You should invite them to church-they are even nicer than me and have a little boy thats close to Cademons age
miss u

Keelie said...

To Anonymous II, please state your name! I'm stumped as to who I'm talking to and I don't remember anyone telling me they had cousins in Bellaire! I'd love to meet them! Talk to me!:)

Anonymous said...

hi Oh how they forget so soon...remember bowling in Hooterville with Rachel and me???
my cousins moved from Indiana about a month before you got up there Craig and Misty and Mason Aylworth she is a dentist somewhere up there he is still looking last I heard

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great to me Keelie..It was so good to get to meet Rachel...she is so nice.. oh, Andrew too..and Brice and Denali.., Love ya ..Kathy

Keelie said...

Thanks Sue!:) I kind of figured, but you hadn't told me you had cousins up here, so...I wasn't sure. Bowling went better this week, but still not as good as the last week of school!:) Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

so do you know where my cousins live is it near you? and have you met them? come on get out in your neighborhood:-) love the pictures looks very pretty up there and Cademon is so cute happy 1 year to him!
miss you- Sue

Keelie said...

Do they live close to me?! Do you know how small this town is??!!:) They're right in town. No, I've not met them. Umm, how should I go about it....walk up to the house, knock on the door and say, "hey, I worked with this crazy lady down state and she claims she's your cousin...can I come in?" What do you think?:)

Anonymous said...

yea try that just say I am new and was told that yous would make good friends by a woman who claims to be your cousin her name is Sue (Beld) Piers and say you want a friend for Cademon-that might work!!Sue