Friday, September 19, 2008

The Move - Fruitport and the Drive Up

So, I've been packing for months now. When we put our house up for sale, we had to "declutter" the house. It helped me get started on the process of packing! But there's only so much you can do ahead of time when you're still living in a house! So the last few days were crazy! And the day of the move, you think the boxes are never going to end! You wouldn't believe how many boxes I filled up! Well, some of you helped get them for me and some of you loaded the truck, so I guess you CAN believe it!:)

We FINALLY closed on the house up north last week Tuesday. That in and of itself was another mess, but I didn't expect anything less! It was par for the course!

We drove up as a family Monday 'cause Corey had a soccer game to ref. We stayed in a hotel that night, closed Tuesday, drove back down state, loaded up the truck Wednesday, drove back up north, stayed in a hotel that night, unloaded the truck Thursday morning and drove the truck 45 min. away to return it. WHEW!!! And we've been unpacking ever since!

Here are some pictures to highlight the whole event!:)


Caedmon liked to be in the middle of it all!

Oops - we're supposed to be packing, not UNpacking!

There they go - the dog and Corey that is.

My car was packed full as well!

The dog's ride. As big as that mutt is,

Corey actually had to lift him into the truck!

Aww, look at the sad face. He did really well with all of the driving!

Thank you sooo very much to all of you who offered a helping hand!!! We greatly appreciate it! Love you!


The VanderZwaag's said...

So glad you are all together again! How wonderful! I was wondering where Caedmon sat! I see he couldn't really move! Poor kid! I love the dog picture!!! That totally cracked me up because I know how much you love him!!!! It was so great talking to you this week too!

Anonymous said...

He's sad cause he's gonna miss his Auntie :) At least thats my interpretation