Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Up North and Online

It's been about a week since I've been on a computer and I figured, before anyone got too worried, I'd better let you know that I'm still alive and kicking!:)

My residence is now, finally, up north Michigan! We have moved and we are getting settled; emphasis on the GETTING! I wish I could get things done quicker since my son is constantly on the go and into everything, as well as cleaning my dirty floors with his clothing since he's still too lazy to get up on all fours!

This is just a quick update since I really need to go to bed - Caedmon's been up at 2:30 and 3:30am the last two nights and I'm expecting the same tonight.:( Don't know if it's the teeth, the new house or both. Or perhaps he's just smart enough to know that mommy is thinking it's these reasons when it's neither and therefore, he can get away with the middle of the night wakings and feedings! Yes, I confess - I've nursed him twice now before morning 'cause it was the only thing that stopped the tears and put him back to sleep! Tonight though....I may have to be stubborn...more stubborn than he anyway - which could mean listening to him scream and cry for 2 hours! O.k. Having said that, I REALLY need to go to bed!

Hopefully I'll find some time and energy here soon to give a real update with pictures included!

Hello to all my friends and family - sorry that I've lost touch for a few days here. We'll catch up soon! Love ya!

P.S. I'm online in my home! Yes, for all of you who have been wondering, we actually DO get internet way up here!:)


Keithslady said...

Hi Keelie, good to hear from you. I've been pretty sporadic about any computer stuff for about three weeks myself. Still hoping to get over your way before mid November, will let you know when. We'll be in Grand Valley the weekend of the 27th for the guys' game.

The VanderZwaag's said...

Hey Keelie! Welcome back!! :) Glad to hear things are coming along. Great talking with you the other day! WE MISS YOU!!!!