Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Visits

Our first weekend in our new home, Corey's parents came down and over to see us (well, to see Caedmon anyway:)) and the new house. Corey's step-brother lives in town, so when the parents drove into town, they picked up more family and came on over. It was fun to be able to show off our new place.

They stayed overnight at his step-brother's house, came to church in the morning, took us to lunch, and then Sarah (Corey's step-mom) went shopping and came back with presents galore!
It was nice to have family stop in and we look forward to seeing more of Grandma and Grandpa now that we live closer!

The cousins entertaining Caedmon...
or maybe he was entertaining them!:)

Dinner after church - our sister-in-law actually works here
and got to wait on her own family!
We kept her busy!
Especially when she whisked my crying son
away on her hip while she continued to work!:)

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