Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

We drove up early Sunday morning for church and then went from church to Corey's family's. We spent Sunday afternoon at a family reunion. Monday, Corey went out and "jumped" for his dad - I think this means he threw the garbage into the back of the truck while his dad did the driving. When they got back, we went out on the boat - good times! This was a first for Caedmon - I'm not sure he even realized he was on a boat. When we docked again, Caedmon got a chance to actually get in the water and loved it! It was a great weekend hanging out with family!

Cousin Maria reading to Caedmon - too cute!:)

It didn't take long for Corey to take the driver's seat, pulling his brother on the tube.

The Gang!

Woohoo, you go babe!:)

Go Dad! (I think he enjoyed himself!:))

Trying watermelon for the first time

Having a good time!

Well...guess that was short-lived!:) It's nearing bed time!

Look at me...I'm floating!:)

Thanks for a fun weekend!