Friday, September 19, 2008

The Move - Bellaire

Here are pics from the Bellaire end of the move.

Caedmon eating breakfast in our hotel room.
We had to have the truck back by 5p.m. and Corey had another game at 5p.m., so it was a mad dash to unload and it mostly just ended up in the garage at first.

Thanks to a couple friends, the truck was emptied in record time -

at least much faster than it took to load the thing!

Now he's got it right!!!:)

I HATE moving!! I hope not to repeat the experience for a long time! Corey says the next time we have to move, we're getting rid of half of our stuff - I say just get rid of his books and we'll be doing good!:)


Anonymous said...

Soon you'll forget hoe aweful it was moving...I promise.:)...Love ya , Kathy

Anonymous said...*

Sarah said...

sniff... I guess I'm happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me your address! I already miss you! (Girls Retreat at Keelie's house!)

Keep in touch,