Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Go Longhorns!

Okay, I'm not really a fan and Corey definitely is NOT a fan, but his Aunt Martha lives in Texas and always makes sure our children have some Longhorn paraphernalia.:)

This is for you Aunt Martha!:)

Friends Visit

Spring break brought some friends up for a visit. It's always nice to see friends from downstate.
Caedmon doesn't know Steve and Phil as well, so it took a little warming up, but as always, he enjoyed the extra attention.

Steve "lured" him over with a book -
Caedmon started out on the floor, leaning over the couch to see the book,
and gradually got closer, but never too close.:)

Phil playing with the kids -
Carys thought she might get in on the action,
regardless of the strangers in her house.:)

To Grandma's House We Go

We finally made the trip up to Papa and Grandma's - first time since Christmas. :/ Dad just had surgery, so we thought we'd help his boredom. We may have been too much excitement because he ended up in the emergency room on Sunday. That was a bummer! He's ok, but our time together got cut short.
It was good to see them again! Caedmon didn't want to come home! He enjoyed the bunny, the "kitty kitty" and Henry (his cousin). And Grandma sent him home with a bike, a cool desk, and paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and coloring books to go in the desk. He loves it!

We got in about 7:30pm Friday. Caedmon stayed up longer than usual and
Grandma was trying to cuddle before bedtime.

Feeding the bunny

Grandma got a hold of the camera

Carys checking the bunny out;
Caedmon's still trying to feed him.

Caedmon and Henry hanging out with the bunny - inside the cage.:)

Bath time
(Carys' first time in the big tub)

Cousin fun

Grandma made smoothies...mmmm

cuddle time with Grandma

everyone likes Caedmon's hair:)

More Outdoor Fun

more taste testing


I'm not sure Neo is loving the attention


Open Doors

I LOVE being able to open up my front door come spring! It brightens up the room so much! And Carys enjoyed looking at, as well as Caedmon looking in.:)

Enjoying the Spring Weather

This was our first day outside with no snow on the ground and Carys' first time playing on the ground.
I dug through a tote of Caedmon's clothes trying to find something for her to wear outside. All her clothes are so light in color!
And she gets to wear his jacket - thankfully she doesn't care!:)

hmmm, wonder what this tastes like

watching big bro

found something else to chew on

A Multi-Purpose Shirt

I was getting Caedmon ready for bed and asked him which pj's he wanted to wear. He points to my shirt. Ummm, you want to wear mama's shirt to bed? Well, how could I say no? I had layered shirts that day and ended up losing one to my son. :)

Kaleb's Visit

My youngest brother stopped on his way through to Wisconsin for spring break and spent the night. This was the first time he's seen my children and the first we've seen each other in three years! It was great to spend some time with him.

Thanks for visiting Kaleb!

She's not crying...neither is she sure what she thinks about him

A beautiful afternoon for a walk to the lake

Kaleb with his sis, nephew and niece

playing with the kids

Somebody was serious about their block building!

And of course Caedmon got some reading time in!

Rise and Shine

First thing out of his mouth when I came in to get him out of bed was, 'I want to hold baby.'


Picture Time

I love the progression of this "photo shoot."

9 Months

Yes, she's almost 10 months now. I'm a little slow on the blogging.:/

9 months:

She has 6 teeth - 2 on bottom and 4 on top.

March 5th she finally got up on her hands and knees and decided this was a better way to get around. Even so, there are times that sliding on the belly is just faster. :)

She still spits up every once in a great while.

She continues to eat well. The only foods she has shown any aversion to are black beans and collard greens. The black beans have a strong flavor, so I switched to grinding up navy beans with her rice and oatmeal. And the collard greens taste is masked well with applesauce or banana. Although I don't know why she has an issue with either since she has no problem eating whatever she finds on the ground outside!:/

Sometimes she can be persnickety when I go to feed her, throwing a fit, arching her back as I place her in the high chair and refusing to eat when I know she's starving. But she calms down as soon as I place something on her tray she can pick up herself and eat, and then I can start feeding her and she'll accept it. Who knows what that's all about!

She continues to be a challenge and I can only hope that she's getting it all out of her system now! :)

We love you baby girl!

Carys at 9 months

Caedmon at 9 months

Sleeping Precious:)

I don't usually check on her during a nap, but happened to this day
and moved her into a more comfortable position, in my estimation anyway. :)

just sweet


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Little Family

She sits like this all the time. No, she's not missing a leg.:)

Helping Carys clap

Clapping together

Whatever Carys does, Caedmon must do also

We were all fairly dressed up (for us) and I actually convinced Corey to attempt a family picture. Three tries was all he gave me though, so this is what we ended up with.

Keesha, she finally got a chance to wear the little dress you got her. It's adorable!