Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Grandma's House We Go

We finally made the trip up to Papa and Grandma's - first time since Christmas. :/ Dad just had surgery, so we thought we'd help his boredom. We may have been too much excitement because he ended up in the emergency room on Sunday. That was a bummer! He's ok, but our time together got cut short.
It was good to see them again! Caedmon didn't want to come home! He enjoyed the bunny, the "kitty kitty" and Henry (his cousin). And Grandma sent him home with a bike, a cool desk, and paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and coloring books to go in the desk. He loves it!

We got in about 7:30pm Friday. Caedmon stayed up longer than usual and
Grandma was trying to cuddle before bedtime.

Feeding the bunny

Grandma got a hold of the camera

Carys checking the bunny out;
Caedmon's still trying to feed him.

Caedmon and Henry hanging out with the bunny - inside the cage.:)

Bath time
(Carys' first time in the big tub)

Cousin fun

Grandma made smoothies...mmmm

cuddle time with Grandma

everyone likes Caedmon's hair:)


Keith, Christy and Brooke said...

Cute picures! Is the lamb blanket Caedmon's? Brooke has one just like it and loves it...Mom too!

Keelie said...

Actually it's Grandma's, but I told her if it went missing, she'd know where it went.:)
Speaking of blankets, I was looking online for another blanket like that one you bought for Caedmon at Old Navy. I think I'm going to see if someone can make one for me. The size is perfect for toddlers as well as it being perfect for summer 'cause it's lightweight. Thank you so much for that gift!!!:)