Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Special Gift...

Corey and I are expecting our second child! Caedmon has a brother or sister on the way!

I will be 14 weeks Tuesday - basically 3 1/2 months.

We thank God for his blessings and provisions! I found out I was pregnant just after Caedmon's first birthday. They will be 21 months apart. We didn't have any insurance, and that was scary! After much searching for individual insurance and finding out that the one insurance company that couldn't ask if I was pregnant still wouldn't allow the maternity services to be used till 6 months into the plan (not to mention the deductible!), I got online just to see if Caedmon would at least qualify for insurance through the state and found out that not only did he qualify, but I qualified for medicaid as well!!! Thank the Lord! What a huge stress off my shoulders!

I have also found a midwife up here and have had one appointment. She is wonderful and I look forward to working with her!!!

I struggled in the beginning with fear that I would not have enough love in my heart for two. Caedmon is so precious and I love him with all that I am, and I just wasn't sure where I'd find more love! But I was able to hear the heartbeat during my first appointment a couple weeks ago and I think that did it for me! What a beautiful sound! What a miracle!

This pregnancy has been different. I was sick in the beginning. Not as bad as some have it - I only threw up once. But I often didn't feel good, all throughout the day, and was so very picky about what I wanted to eat! Often, nothing sounded good! So unlike my pregnancy with Caedmon where I ate everything in sight! I am thankfully past that stage now and feeling good! But this being pregnant with a walking one year old is draining! But I'm starting to get some energy back - hopefully I'll be able to keep up with him!

We look forward to the birth of this new little one! Due around the very beginning of June.

Silliness With Dada

Thanksgiving Weekend With More Family

We had the privilege of hosting my cousin and his wife this weekend. They live in Minneapolis, were over in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and drove from there 6 1/2 - 7 hours here! They are on their way back right now - an 11 - 12 hour drive! We really appreciate them making the drive over. I hadn't seen Joey and his wife Jamie since Thanksgiving in Wisconsin two years ago. And that was a family reunion, so there wasn't really one on one time with anyone. Long distance is a major factor in losing touch, but we had a great time catching up! It was so much fun to hang out as adults!

They came bearing gifts - it felt like Christmas! The conversation was wonderful! Saturday afternoon I took them to an orchard market/gift shop a half hour from here - a favorite spot that I take most guests! And they took us out to eat Saturday night to a brewery/deli in our small town. We had never been before and loved it! We met up with some friends from town and had a great time!

Sunday they accompanied us to church and then left after lunch.

Oh, and by the way, we were able to drive everywhere together in our mini van!:)

Thank you Joey and Jamie for making the trip over and showering us with love while here! We look forward to the next time!

Joey, Jamie and Caedmon

The gang at supper Saturday night

Caedmon and his friend

A! He loved it! I guess, what kid doesn't?!
Getting energy out before bed! Joey had him giggling!

Thanksgiving With Family

We spent Thanksgiving with Corey's family up north and to the east. We drove up Thanksgiving morning and stayed over till Friday about noon. I love the holidays and have been especially looking forward to them this year! Corey's step-sister hosted dinner this year and it was a lovely time! We had a smaller crowd due to some sickness, but I kind of enjoyed the coziness of small!:) Caedmon has become a terrible mama's boy, even around daddy, so it was nice to have some cousins to entertain him for awhile!

I'm now looking forward to Christmas!

Finishing up dinner - it was fabulous!

Caedmon being a ham!
Grandma fed him his first pumpkin pie on this spoon-
needless to say, he liked it!

Playing with Cousin Maria - he LOVED the jack in the box!
Giggled everytime it popped out!

Being cuddly - not sure she's enjoying it...

He seemed to enjoy the kitten's toy

more than the kitten herself,
which Daisy didn't mind at all!

The car ride home -he slept most of the way - looks cozy, huh?!

Trying On Mama's Shoe

Watching Out the Window

Corey was shoveling the driveway one morning and our windows are low enough for Caedmon to see outside - love these pics!

Breakfast in Bed

I'm hesitant to post this shower yet!:) I had stayed up late a couple nights while my friend was visiting, and so Corey agreed to get up with Caedmon one morning, and not only did he get up with Caedmon... he also made me breakfast and served it to me in bed!!! What a treat!

Playing Piano...

These pictures are a couple weeks old now, but I just found them on the other memory card I have. And I couldn't not post them - they're too cute! :)

Corey was playing the piano before church a few Sundays back and Caedmon wondered over to see what was making the noise - noise makers are always fascinating! He proceeded to "help" Corey with the song! It was precious!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Vehicle

When we moved, we left behind one of our cars, 'cause we didn't think it'd make it all the way up here and even if it did, it wouldn't last long, so we gave it to a friend. It's been difficult surviving on only one vehicle for the last couple months. Not that people don't do it all the time, but we were spoiled! So we decided we'd start casually looking for another vehicle, but then we started noticing some things in the Honda that made us decide we better find another vehicle quickly in case something went wrong with the Honda.

Corey had wanted a truck at one point, for the hauling capability, but I didn't like the idea of owning a vehicle that really couldn't be used with children, figuring at some point in the future there will be more. So I suggested a mini van - you have some room for hauling things - more so than a car anyway - and it would be nice as our family grew, plus it gets fairly good gas mileage compared to other bigger vehicles out there!

We are now owners of a mini van....and feeling a little old!:) We've received a lot of teasing for it, but that's o.k.! We had to go away for the weekend and I was thrilled with all the packing room and just the roominess of it period! Packing for a baby is nuts! Our car was always stuffed to the gills!

It's not the newest or most beautiful vehicle (quite a bit of rust), but it runs well and we were able to pay cash for it! I think we'll enjoy it!:)

A Car Ride

Caedmon has become worse at riding in the car. He doesn't go to sleep unless it's nap time and I think he gets bored, so he fusses at us a lot of the time.:/ We were on our way to Gaylord this night and he wasn't too happy about it. The book only last so long.

Looking thrilled...
Boy, the book doesn't even look exciting!

Fun in the Snow!!!

I was so excited to have the snow arrive and stick on the ground! I LOVE snow and winter! And I was even more excited to have an excuse to go out and play in the snow this year - Caedmon!:)

After shopping in TC on Monday, I finally purchased snow pants and we went out to enjoy our freshly fallen snow Tuesday afternoon! I think Caedmon had fun. He couldn't walk at all in all his attire and the deep snow. But I also wasn't sure if his boots actually fit him or not! I hate putting shoes on kids! And his feet are still fat on top! So I pushed and pushed and thought I finally got his feet in, but he walked kind of funny, so I'm not so sure...

I had a blast getting out in the snow in my own snowsuit. But it was tiring pulling a sled through the snow with 30 pounds on it and supporting him as he walked through the snow. So we didn't last too long out there.:)

Weekend with a Friend!

My dear friend, Heather, came to visit me last weekend! I've been waiting for her to come visit me ever since we moved! It was hard to move away from such a close friend. Those kind of friends are not replaceable!

Anyway, it was a last minute deal, and my weekend was already packed, but that didn't deter us from hanging out! I had to serve lunch at a craft show on opening dear season day as a fund raiser for our youth. Heather came along and jumped right in to help - don't know what I would have done without her!

She had planned to leave on Sunday, but when I found out she didn't have anything to be back for till Tuesday, I conviced her to stay an extra day! So Monday, despite the weather, we went shopping in Traverse City and Corey watched Caedmon. He had also watched Caedmon Sunday afternoon, allowing Heather and I to enjoy lunch at our local coffee shop and do some window shopping at our fun stores in town. I didn't realize how much I had missed my friend and how much I needed to get out by myself just for fun! We had a great time both days!

Then, due to snow, she stayed Monday night as well. It was soo wonderful to have her here! She was wonderful with Caedmon, often keeping him entertained while I vegged on the couch! And he loved her, bringing her his books and toys all weekend!

Enjoying a book together!
Caedmon is giving kisses - can you see the tongue?!:)
Often the teeth are felt too!:/
(This is the first he's given someone else a kiss -
I asked him too and he understood!:))

Living Room Change

I finally broke down and spent the money on an area rug. With winter coming on full force, the laminate flooring is awful cold for Caedmon to play on. But the rug hinders him from pushing his stuff around everywhere now.

Can you see how the rug is pushed up
and he is standing on either side of it?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Enjoying Dinner!

I made my Grandma's Pizza Casserole last night for supper. This is one of my favorites and I found out that Caedmon likes it as well!:)

Oh the Messes...and the fun:)

Caedmon likes to empty my drawers and cupboards in the kitchen and as if that's not enough, he then proceeds to carry things all over the house! This is a common sight these days! And will probably be so for many days/months/years to come!

Working Again

I mentioned working in one of my posts and I've been meaning to post about that.

Shortly after we moved up here, I started calling surrounding area school districts to find out if there were programs for the deaf in any of the schools and offer my assistance in subbing. I found the area ISD that has a program and hires the interpreters and they were absolutely thrilled that I was available to sub. I'm their only sub! I had originally left a message and when they called me back, they asked me if I could come in asap to do the paperwork 'cause they had an interpreter out all week the next week! So I was off and running! Not sure I was ready for it yet, but jumped right in. I'd gotten used to being at home and I've actually kept pretty busy since we moved. But it was good to get into the school system again and work with kids and interpret! I like being able to say "no" if it won't work out, to get out of the house every so often, and to use my skills! It's been great to network with other interpreters in the area - they've all been wonderful and welcoming!

I've been working for four weeks now and I've been called every week so far! I've enjoyed it and it's great extra money! And Corey's schedule is flexible, so he watches Caedmon while I'm working and then he gets his work done when I get home. We're so thankful to be able to work it out like this!

Taste Testing

I actually took Caedmon outside! No worries, I've done it a few times!:) I get him out for walks in the stroller more than just playing in the yard. When I told Corey my reasons for not being over enthusiastic about taking him out, he said that he just sits in the middle of the yard anyway - I wouldn't have to chase him around. Cool! ....Not so for me! He was everywhere! Oh well, I guess this is good!:)

Okay, so even when mama's in charge
gross things happen!:)

Guess it didn't taste too bad -
looks like he's trying to lick up the leftovers!

Enjoying the Fall Outdoors

Corey is so much better at making sure Caedmon gets time outside. When I have to work, I often come home to find pictures of them playing outside. I need to work on getting outside more! I'm just lazy and don't want to chase toddler around...not that he's fast or anything!:)

Notice the nose...
this is what happens when dada's in charge!

"Helping" with Groceries

Caedmon loves to be right in the middle of everything, doing his best to "help" mama and dada (although I'm pretty sure that's not the idea running through his mind!:)).

After a shopping trip, I'm usually exhausted and Corey
will unload the car and often put the groceries away as well - what a guy!

Looking Preppy!

We are so grateful for gracious family and friends who like to buy Mr. Caedmon clothing! Boy is it expensive, and I can't find anything for boys at second hand shops!

Grandma LeCureux likes to buy the name brand stuff, which is fun 'cause we'd never pay the price! And now that he's walking, I can dress him in these cute, dressier clothes and not worry about him not being comfortable. When he was still on the floor most of the time, I figured it was more comfortable to be in sweats.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brushing Hair

Corey gave Caedmon a bath last night and then gave him a hair brush and he seemed to know what to do with it!:)

Supper With Dada

Caedmon had already eaten supper and was playing when we sat down to eat. He decided he didn't want to be out of the loop, and "helped" dada eat his supper.

Ice Cream...

or just the scoop! He discovered the ice cream scoop in the drawer yesterday and you would have thought there was ice cream left on it the way he licked and sucked on it!

Playground Fun

A friend drove up to visit this weekend and I took her to Friske's Orchard store. The shop has a bakery, cafe, and a large gift shop. We had a lot of fun and spent too much money (although I could have spent lots more!:))! When we finished our shopping, we figured it was Caedmon's turn to have some fun, so we took him to the playground right outside the shop. He loved it!