Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Vehicle

When we moved, we left behind one of our cars, 'cause we didn't think it'd make it all the way up here and even if it did, it wouldn't last long, so we gave it to a friend. It's been difficult surviving on only one vehicle for the last couple months. Not that people don't do it all the time, but we were spoiled! So we decided we'd start casually looking for another vehicle, but then we started noticing some things in the Honda that made us decide we better find another vehicle quickly in case something went wrong with the Honda.

Corey had wanted a truck at one point, for the hauling capability, but I didn't like the idea of owning a vehicle that really couldn't be used with children, figuring at some point in the future there will be more. So I suggested a mini van - you have some room for hauling things - more so than a car anyway - and it would be nice as our family grew, plus it gets fairly good gas mileage compared to other bigger vehicles out there!

We are now owners of a mini van....and feeling a little old!:) We've received a lot of teasing for it, but that's o.k.! We had to go away for the weekend and I was thrilled with all the packing room and just the roominess of it period! Packing for a baby is nuts! Our car was always stuffed to the gills!

It's not the newest or most beautiful vehicle (quite a bit of rust), but it runs well and we were able to pay cash for it! I think we'll enjoy it!:)


Mikaela said...

You will never regret the decision to purchase a van....the bottom line is with kids they work the best and gas mileage is reasonable!

Joey said...

NO!! Not the minivan!!


Jamie and I go back and forth on it...she likes the practicality, I hate the looks. She's right and I know it.

We also feel the pain of one vehicle. Thankfully we have a bus system here that lets me take it to work! The our pastor/wife marriage counselor team had just gone to one vehicle after 10 years with two and told us it brought them a lot closer because they had to communicate more. It helps thinking of that when I'm frustrated about conflicting schedules with one vehicle!

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Ha! are a mini van mommy!! Sucks to be you!!!

Alright, now that we have pictures of your van...we want pictures of your house...just incase we drive past (and want to throw eggs at it or t-pee it!!!!!!) We need to see the outside and inside!!!

Sue wants to know if you met her cousin yet! You should be out "ministering" to the unministerd!!! Alright...we would love to come and visit!! :) Since you aren't coming back down here!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club we have been there @ 18 yrs now...I think...:)
That looks like ours ...good choice! I love my van , even when it gets down to just Matt, Scott, and I I think it's still the way to go...i love the room and the ablitiy to take others yard saling with me (ha) , plenty of room for our treasures we find :)