Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving With Family

We spent Thanksgiving with Corey's family up north and to the east. We drove up Thanksgiving morning and stayed over till Friday about noon. I love the holidays and have been especially looking forward to them this year! Corey's step-sister hosted dinner this year and it was a lovely time! We had a smaller crowd due to some sickness, but I kind of enjoyed the coziness of small!:) Caedmon has become a terrible mama's boy, even around daddy, so it was nice to have some cousins to entertain him for awhile!

I'm now looking forward to Christmas!

Finishing up dinner - it was fabulous!

Caedmon being a ham!
Grandma fed him his first pumpkin pie on this spoon-
needless to say, he liked it!

Playing with Cousin Maria - he LOVED the jack in the box!
Giggled everytime it popped out!

Being cuddly - not sure she's enjoying it...

He seemed to enjoy the kitten's toy

more than the kitten herself,
which Daisy didn't mind at all!

The car ride home -he slept most of the way - looks cozy, huh?!

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