Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend with a Friend!

My dear friend, Heather, came to visit me last weekend! I've been waiting for her to come visit me ever since we moved! It was hard to move away from such a close friend. Those kind of friends are not replaceable!

Anyway, it was a last minute deal, and my weekend was already packed, but that didn't deter us from hanging out! I had to serve lunch at a craft show on opening dear season day as a fund raiser for our youth. Heather came along and jumped right in to help - don't know what I would have done without her!

She had planned to leave on Sunday, but when I found out she didn't have anything to be back for till Tuesday, I conviced her to stay an extra day! So Monday, despite the weather, we went shopping in Traverse City and Corey watched Caedmon. He had also watched Caedmon Sunday afternoon, allowing Heather and I to enjoy lunch at our local coffee shop and do some window shopping at our fun stores in town. I didn't realize how much I had missed my friend and how much I needed to get out by myself just for fun! We had a great time both days!

Then, due to snow, she stayed Monday night as well. It was soo wonderful to have her here! She was wonderful with Caedmon, often keeping him entertained while I vegged on the couch! And he loved her, bringing her his books and toys all weekend!

Enjoying a book together!
Caedmon is giving kisses - can you see the tongue?!:)
Often the teeth are felt too!:/
(This is the first he's given someone else a kiss -
I asked him too and he understood!:))

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Anonymous said...

Aw...I'm so glad you had this time together...:) Much needed!!!...Kathy