Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Weeks Old (June 24th)

Miss Carys at 3 weeks

Caedmon at 3 weeks
(this is the best pic I have)

Looks Like a Smile to Me!:)

(June 22)

Tummy Time for Two!:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Caedmon loves to pester Carys when she's in her bouncy seat!:) This particular time, I found him putting toys beside her and placing her hand on them. Too sweet!

Notice where her hand is

oo, not sure she can reach with that arm...we have to watch him!


2 Weeks Old (June 17th)

Miss Carys

Caedmon at 2 weeks

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ride a Little Horsie...

I ventured out by myself with the two kiddos for a much needed shopping trip a week and a half ago (Carys was two weeks old). When you have to travel 45 minutes to go shopping, this is even more of a feat! It went great though! Carys enjoyed the sling and the pacifier got us through the shopping before she had to eat! Caedmon did awesome as well and when he spotted the horse on the way out, I decided it was a great reward...and it was only a penny!:)

I'm also officially in love with my minivan! The back seat is wonderful for nursing and changing diapers and the extra space great for a toddler to stretch his legs!

By the end of the trip, I felt like super mom!:) And I only have two!

His latest obsession is horses!

Guess it was a tiring shopping trip for all -
wish I could have taken a nap!:)


He wasn't smiling for the picture - he was in the midst of laughing because he wasn't cooperating...and I snapped the shot and it turned out beautiful!:)

Watering the Flowers

Think, think, think...

I couldn't pass up a picture when I saw this pose!:) Perhaps she's imitating Pooh Bear...perhaps she'll be an Einstein!:)

(June 15th - 12 days old)

More Gifts:)

Our sweet friends at the Moka sent home gifts for our children! The Giving Tree for Caedmon and Belly Button Book for Carys. They're both great books and Caedmon enjoyed the time spent with dad.

I love what they wrote in the front of the book for Caedmon:

"Always take care of your sister like the tree takes care of the boy"

Mama's Big Helper

Sweeping, as well as eating things off the floor...
I guess either way, they both clean it up!:)

Can you tell he's seen mommy do this a few times?!:)

"Yay for me!" :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

First Trip to the Park with Miss Carys

And I took them by myself!:) Thankfully she decided to sleep through the most of the fun rather than wake up and eat. Might have been a little difficult chasing him around while nursing her!

(June 14th)

Big Bro and Little Sis

Hanging out on the bed in our guest room (soon to become Caedmon's room) is one of Caedmon's favorite things to do. I'm not sure how we ended up in there that day, but I had great fun taking pics!:) Caedmon laid down beside her and then pulled her into his arms - thank goodness gently and without crushing her!

Love the crossed leg and the way he's inspecting her hand!:)

First Bad Hair Day:)

This is what happens after a bath and then a nap...
mama should have combed it first!

First Bath at Home

This is a typical Carys pose - arms flung out

(June 14th)

Birthday Party Fun!

Caedmon actually has friends his age to play with now! We were invited to two birthday parties last week! The first one, Caedmon was fairly anti-social - woke up way too early and was in serious need of a nap... I hoped that was the explanation. Although, we're wondering if his personality will be more introverted like Corey's. But the next birthday we went to was after nap time and he did much better!:)

Pool time - Caedmon never got in

This was the look on his face the entire time!

Enjoying the sandbox

The cake is definitely good!

Somebody was tired!

Sharing His Bed

Papa and Carys Meet

Corey's dad was finally able to meet her
on his way through to further downstate -
she was eight days old.

One Week Old

She was a week old on my birthday, June 10th. These pics were actually taken the next day, since I forgot to get any good ones of just her that day.

And yes, it's June... I didn't think we'd ever get to wear her cute summer outfits! Careful what you wish for...

Caedmon at one week