Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visit with Auntie Heather and Tiffany

Auntie Heather came bearing gifts for all!
Caedmon has to hand every piece of wrapping paper
to whoever is sitting close by

Fish have been an obsession for awhile and
Heather did her best to keep the theme

Auntie Heather with Carys

Tiffany reading him his new book

Gift #2 - plastic sea creatures -
he's been playing with them quite a bit lately -
I love to see his imagination at work!:)

Opening birthday gifts and baby Carys' gifts

He adored Tiffany, unfortunately for her
as he decided to drag her anywhere and everywhere with him

Enjoying Auntie Heather's "big truck"
(he loves trucks right now...although those not familiar with him
may think he's swearing as he says truck with an "f" instead of a "t"...:/)

Miss Tiffany with Carys

Thanks for coming and hanging out with us!!!

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