Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Visiting

Corey's brother is in the Navy and hasn't been home for 2 1/2 years. He finally got some time off and came up from SC this week. But he's up at the parents, so they all came over to visit yesterday since I'm not traveling these days. Caedmon took awhile to warm up to all the people here, especially since they arrived while he was taking his nap.

He warmed up to Anthony's girlfriend pretty quickly, asking her for "up," and taking her books to read to him. Anthony was pretty jealous, but he finally got Caedmon to play and read with him as well. :)

We enjoyed the time spent with all - it was especially nice that Anthony was able to spend the night when they decided to use our car for the next few days.

Caedmon found someone to hold him.:)

We found out that Nanna has the entire Cat in the Hat memorized!

Anthony finally found a book to lure Caedmon over - he could care less about the book as a whole, but there's a fish on just about every page and he's obsessed with fish right now!:)

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